COVID-19: Musharak commences decontamination, disinfestation of Police schools


By Chimezie Godfrey

Musharak Esteem Nigeria Limited, a multi-purpose private limited liability company has commenced the fumigation and decontamination of all police schools across the country.

The fumigation exercise which commenced on Friday started with the POWA International Schools, Area 11, Garki Abuja.

This crucial exercise is aimed at complementing the efforts of government in reducing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases that might pose serious danger to the lives of students, teachers and the general public.

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The Consulting Public Health Officer of Musharak , Sanitarian Ado Abdullahi disclosed that the essence of exercise was to eradicate micro-organisms that are present in the school for the benefit of the students and teachers.

The public health consultant stressed that they want to ensure a safe environment for learning and teaching services.

He disclosed that the Nigeria Police Force has awarded the contract to Musharak Nigeria Limited to decontaminate and fumigate all police formation primary and secondary schools nationwide.

The Sanitarian said that the exercise which started with the POWA International School, Area 11, Garki Abuja will go round the 36 states of the federation.

The protocol officer, Musharak, Chimamanda Elizabeth Obiekwe said the essence of the fumigation is to control pests, Covid-19, Lasa fever and other illnesses that can come from animals.

She pointed out that because of the high rate of spread of COVID-19, the police decided that all police schools will be fumigated to ensure the safety of students.

On whether the fumigation has the potency to actually decontaminate the school environment, the protocol officer expressed confidence in the capacity and professionalsm that are the hallmarks of the company

“Of course I believe that Musharak Esteem Nig. Ltd. is a professional fumigation company and are based in professional things.

“Everything we are doing here is going to give them what they want and within the space of one week plus, or some days they will start seeing dead pests and all of that. So it is actually a good product that we are using,” she said.

Also speaking, the CEO/Head Teacher, POWA International Children School, Mr. Bello Nurruddeen Adewonle who commended the effort of the Nigeria Police Force in ensuring that the school environment is safe for both pupils and teachers, said he was much grateful because Musharak Esteem Nigeria Limited is handling the project.

“We are here this evening for fumigation exercise. This has been an exercise that has been going on here every three months as prescribed by the FCT ordinances.

“We normal fumigate before resumption of school activities we disinfect and decontaminate the school environment  so as to keep everybody safe. But today’s fumigation is special in the sense that Musharak venture took it upon themselves to come around and do the exercise for us. We are very happy and of course we really appreciate that.”

Mr Adewonle stressed that the fumigation exercise has come at the right time, especially now that the government is battling to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Actually, fumigation in an environment like this is very essential, most especially this crucial period of time that the Pandemic is still very much around and many other diseases.

“The only way to try to safeguard our people is to decontaminate and disinfect the the environment and of course by fumigation we’ll be able to keep away all those viruses and all those unwanted ailments or illness.

“As to that, we really appreciate the Musharak venture and of course I appreciate you people; the press men that are here and of course as you can see everywhere is being taken care of; being fumigated, class rooms, here in primary session, we have have twenty three classes and they are all getting fumigated.

“We also have stalls, about three, we have rest rooms about thirty five, we have offices, like my office and that of the bursar as well as that of our assistant head teacher. Everywhere is being fumigated and nowhere is spared,” he said.

The CEO added that the fumigation covers the school suck-away system which help keep dangerous reptiles away from having hiding places within the School environment.

“The fumigation also extends to suck-aways because actually we are a private entity but we hope to make use of the FCT central sewage system.

“So in essence, through this fumigation we know that all those things like reptiles, scorpions and others well be kept away from our environment and actually it will really help us to have a free environment and a healthy environment.

“So, we really appreciate you all, you are welcome,” he said.

Also speaking, an English Teacher, POWA International Children School, Mrs Obi Obiageli Azubuike who was happy, said it is an indication that the government has the interest and welfare of the people at heart.

“From all indication, I know you have the welfare of the school at heart because a clean environment is very good for everybody and it is also good for the children. Because a good environment is very good for the children, adult and it is very good for everybody.

“If you can extend it to all other police children schools and other places of interest, it will be very laudable, and nobody will say it should not continue, of course it should continue.

“To the government and the organization carrying out the fumigation, I would say more power to their elbow because it’s not an easy job, seeing them do it, it’s not an easy task.

“They have the strength and I pray that God will continue to strengthen them to do the job they know how to do best,” she said.