COVID-19 Lockdown: Lagos LG residents list gains of stay-at-home

Some residents of Alimosho Local Government Area of say the COVID-19 induced stay-at-home has afforded them the opportunity of to pay attention to matters they had hitherto neglected.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in , that it was a positive development that was outside the intended measure of preventing spread of the Coronavirus.

They said the stay-at-home order had helped them to pay attention to matters they usually didn’t have time for or they used to for granted.

Mrs Comfort Alonge, a teacher, said she now had more time to coach her children in areas where they were lagging behind in thier education.

She added that the lockdown had helped her reading habit, as she now during the day and sometimes at midnight.

“I have more time to coach my children at home, there are some areas that they were lagging behind and I see the impact already.

“To crown it all, the lockdown has helped my and I and children to bond better; I’m enjoying every bit of it,” she said.

Another resident, Solomon Odewale, said the lockdown was of immense benefit to him because he now had more time to engage in creative thinking and writing.

“I have also made peace with the I disagreed with in the past, as the situation had afforded me a different about life now.

“I am not afraid of losing my job. In fact, if there is anything I want to change, it is my job,” Odewale added.

Also, Mr Samuel Olanrewaju, who in an advertising firm, told NAN that the lockdown was like an overdue, compulsory leave for him, as he used to work round the clock.

He, however, added that watching movies, surfing the internet and exercising were some of the strategies he adopted to get rid of boredom. (NAN)