COVID-19: FG reaffirms commitment to vacinate all eligible Nigerians

The National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) on Friday reaffirmed the Government’s  commitment to get every eligible Nigerian vaccinated against -19.

Mr Bawa Abba, National  Supervisor  for Adamawa -19  Vaccination,  NPHCDA, spoke in Yola, Adamawa, on the sideline of a three“Media Dialogue On Routine Immunisation, Post Polio Certification and -19 Vaccination”.

The meeting was organised by The Child Rights Information Bureau (CRIB) of the Ministry of Information and Culture in collaboration with the .

According to Abba, while the FG is putting efforts to make -19  vaccines available and ensure that Nigerians get vaccinated,  no fewer than two million Nigerians have so far been vaccinated accross and the Capital Territory with the Astrazeneca vaccine.

However,   noted that the official server of the NPHCDA may put the figure at 1,051, 096, as at Thursday  April 15,2021 but that the current number of eligible vaccinated persons with the facility have crossed two million.

”We have two sources of data. We have the call in-data which is data that we received at the facility level.

“We have the one in the NPHCDA server. We are working on uploading the remaining data from the facility levels.

“These are raw data from the field that has not been processed. The difference is currently being processed,” said.

further disclosed that that have covered 50 per cent of their populations have been directed to halt vaccination (stop) at the moment.

“This is to ensure  vaccines availability for those are to take the second dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine, also adding that, government was currently giving priority to intending pilgrims,” he said.

According to him, without  receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, an intending pilgrim will not be allowed to go for pilgrimage.

“And you are given a vaccine we don’t have in Nigeria, it might really be a problem when you come to Nigeria.”

Abba also noted that whenever the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine comes into the country, it would complement the  AstraZeneca vaccine.

On the suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by the U.S. Abba said that were always side effects which varied from person to person for every vaccine or drug administered on people.

He said that from NPHCDC observation so far, the acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine, had picked up in spite initial hesitance to the vaccine by members of the public. (NAN)