Court dissolves 12-year-old marriage over food poisoning

By Olawale Akinremi

Ibadan, Feb. 28, 2019 (NAN) The President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Chief Ademola Odunade, on Thursday dissolved a 12-year-old marriage between one Adenike Ayodele and Adeshina over food poisoning, battery and lack of care.

Odunade said that he dissolved the union due to obvious lack of love between Adenike and Adeshina. 

He said that the absence of love might bring about threat to life between the couple, hence, the need for the dissolution. 

The arbitrator then awarded the custody of the first two children produced by the union, whose ages are 10 years and 12 years respectively, to Adeshina and the last who is seven years to Adenike. 

The president ordered Adeshina to be paying a monthly allowance of N5,000 as the feeding allowance for the third child to Adenike in addition to being responsible for her education and other welfare. 

Earlier, Adenike, a trader at Agbaje Market in Ibadan said that her husband was fond of beating her in addition to not caring for her needs. 

“My Lord, Adeshina frequently subjects me to battery at any slightest opportunity.

“Besides, he has remained irresponsible as he does nothing about the welfare of our three children.

“Adeshina is even on the verge of wrecking my business because he fails to refund the money he borrows from me.

“In fact, he recently connived with some burglars in the neighbourhood to burgle my shop at Agbaje Market.

“I got to know this because he kept threatening me that he would ensure that I am left with nothing to sustain myself,” Adenike said. 

The respondent, Adeshina, who consented to the divorce suit, however, denied the allegations leveled against him. 

Adeshina contended that his wife was merely finding a soft landing for her evil intention.

“My Lord, Adenike has perfected her plan to harm me, but God saved me.

“For reasons best known to her, Adenike gave our 10-year-old child some powdery substance to pour into my bathing water and food, warning him never to tell me. 

“However, the boy revealed the wicked plan to me.

“She has been preventing the children from going to school and keeping them away from me.

“Adenike is not a trust-worthy woman any man should married as a wife,” Adeshina said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the 10-year-old son of the duo had in February testified before the court that his mother gave him some powdery substance to put in his father’s food and bathing water. (NAN)