Court dissolves 10-year-old marriage for lack of love

A Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan, dissolved 10-year- marriage between a butcher, Sadeeq Ahmed, and his estranged , Morufat, for lack of love.

Ahmed had described the as wayward and carefree to the children while testifying before Chief Ademola Odunade’ court.

“Morufat’ common practice is to return home very late in the night and if I complain, she begins to nag.

“As a result, Morufat doesn’t know anything about our two children’ living and educational performances.

“In fact, she has changed the children’s school up to four times now without any good result.






“When her problem became too much, Morufat ran away with some of my electrical appliances such as DVD, TV set, fan, fridge and lots more since 2017.

“She has taken my children into the home of another man, prevented me from seeing them before I forcefully took them back,” Ahmed said.

In her response, Morufat, who is a dresser, described her husband as irresponsible.

Morufat said that she was solely for fending family.

“It was Ahmed’s mother who instructed me to stop cooking family since her son was a .





“In fact, I used to overwork myself before we eat, when I was still living with him.

“I took custody of the children from Ahmed when I saw that he went to dump them in a village,” she said.





The President of the Court, Chief Odunade, dissolved the marriage citing absence of love as the .

He granted the custody of the children to the complainant since they preferred to stay with him. ()