Condolences: Shaikh Albaniy, By Abu Maimunah; Isah Muhammad Galadima

SheikhThe heart is in remorse. Its not the remorse that happen as a result of committing something ugly, but the remorse of missing someone so dear to heart. A remorse that comes up after missing that who refreshes the heart. A remorse that erects in the mind of a bereaved person who lost someone that enlivens the heart.

The hearts have bled profusely. The bleeding of missing that pillar who strengthen it. Not the bleeding that happens when the heart is afflicted with a pierce object.

Tears have gushed down the cheeks. Heavy tears that heated the face. The tears that came out of mercy and sympathy for the monumental loss of the one loved sincerely.

One cannot sleep or slumber. In deep thinking of the circumstances surrounding the demise. The person is restless. Pondering over what could be the rationale behind cutting short the life of the best-ever compass.

The food becomes tasteless, as the sense cannot figure out the actual taste of delicacy. Water cannot quench the thirst, as only the truth on the mouth of my revered Shaikh does so. So marvelous and so essential indeed.

Though its an inevitable journey that everyone has to complete, yet, sadness will not fail to engulf and dominate my mood. One is in sadness, not just a sadness that could be transient but such that lives a permanent scar on the heart.

Memories of the times, struggles, devotions, stewardships, teachings, reformations, establishments, motivations and propagations shall always linger on the minds, but only such memories sooth and calm the hearts/minds. As if nothing went wrong. As if the mind is saying the Shaikh is forever in us.

Death is one but its causes are many. The heart did not fail to admit the reality, but just as with other pious-hearted predecessors from the creed of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’a, the ideology, message and essentials shall forever manifest in the world of humanity.

History shall never fail to write your name in GOLD, Ya Albaniy!

The Sunni have realised in deep shock and regret the honorable exit of the famous and scholarly personality and a revered son in a cowardly terrorist attack of the enemy, surely to Allah we belong and Him shall we return.

I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to every Sunni son around the globe and especially my brothers and sisters in the creed of Ahlus Sunna Wal Jama’ah with all its manifestations as Salafiyya, Izala or even Wahabiyya. I beseech Allah SWT in His infinite mercy to bestow
patience and great reward on us and Shaikh’s immediate family over this fitnah.

Ya Albaniy: you shall be remembered for your outright steadfastness in the path of Sunna. You are highly admired by everyone with the blood of Sunnah. You have evidently and bravely resisted all challenges from whatever angle and endured through the establishment of a vibrant and unshakable understanding of Islam in the hearts of Ahlus Sunnah. Your
enemy, our enemy, and stark enemy of Allah could not tolerate your valiancy and courageous activities in the path of Sunnah. Truly, your martyrdom is a great loss to us in the path
of Sunnah. Truly your martyrdom is a great loss to us, your family and every Ahlus Sunnah in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

We strongly condemn completely this cowardly action of our defected enemies and affirm that such terrorist activity will never deter us or negatively affect the strong and active spirit of Islam you’ve nurtured and established in our lives, in our bloods and in our hearts.

Ya Albaniy: your martyrdom in the path of knowledge and striving on the course of Allah is considered as a unique honour shown to you by Allah and is our most lofty desire!

Our enemy can never achieve their selfish objectives by killing Albaniy or any Ahlus Sunnah son. Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’a is such an Islamic structure and foundation in which the martyrdom of one person arouses tens of thousands of other loyal men and courageous women to the field of sacrifice and true Da’awa of the Ahlus Sunnah. With the martyrdom of Shaikh Muhammad Auwal Adam; Abu Abdurrahman al-Albaniy Zaria, tens of hundreds of other men have replaced him and have bravely continued his struggle against the cowardly terrorists.

Albaniy: Posterity will recount all your times with GOLD ink. Forever, you shall stay in us.

Who is Albaniy to me?

Abu Abdur Rahman; Shaikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy Zaria:

You may not actually know the gravity of the irreparable loss Islamic world has been afflicted with by the death of Abu Abdur Rahman, Shaikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy of Zaria, especially if you care less for the true Da’awah of Ahlus Sunna.

Shaikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy is the best-ever Islamic scholar I have immensely derived the spirit of knowledge, striving on the path of Allah and establishing steadfasteness in the religion. He is my best-ever Islamic teacher. I derived a massively substantial
orientation, knowledge, courage, motivation and the spirit of Islam from Shaikh Albaniy. I love the Shaikh unconditionally.

Listening to his routine Da’awa activities, Diraasat, motivational talks and host of other activities, gave me the thought I have and moulded me into being the person I am in respect of faith, creed and ideology.

In extreme shock and complete confusion, I am still to come to reality that my best Islamic compass is assassinated. It’s inconceivable that the seemingly ONLY Shaikh who speaks vehemently against crooked and terribly decayed creeds that managed to identify themselves with Islam, is killed in such a cruelly-timid manner.

Shaikh Auwal Adam Albani has fully accomplished his mission. He has strongly established the truest movement in Islam. His teachings shall forever linger on our lives and on our minds. Forever, the indications of his motivation in respect of Islamic knowledge and western
education shall be with us.

Shaikh Auwal Adam Albani has done it all. He left behind us unbeatable legacies that are greatly invaluable to ALL Muslims of this world, not only in Nigeria.

I will forever stand to respect, admire and derive big teachings from the compendiums he left behind. Insha Allah, everyone (including those who never know him) will familiarise his teachings in their homes, offices, cars and all other possible places just as it happened in the
case of Shaikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam Kano. If the mission is to silence his Da’awah, Insha Allah it has just began.

May Allah in His infinite mercy forgive the Shaikh and reward with him with the apex status in Jannatul Firdaus. May Allah have mercy upon him, excuse him and pardon him and make honourable his reception. May Allah expand his extry and cleanse him with water, snow and ice, and purify him of sins as a white robe is purified of filth. May Allah exchange his home for a better home, and his family for a better family, and his spouses for better spouses. May Allah admit him into the Garden of Firdaus, and protect him from the punishment of the grave and the torment of the Fire.

The indefatigable force of Ahlus Sunnah:

Is anyone safer anymore?

No one spoke extremely against Boko Haram—the biggest security problem giving the severest headache to Nigeria government, as Shaikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy did.

No one has exposed outrightly the obnoxious creed of Khawarij/Shi’ites as they manifested in Nigeria like Shaikh Albaniy.

No one has critically dealt with Boko Haram like Shaikh Albaniy did.

Nigeria’s government has apportioned the highest budgetary allocation to fight against insecurity in Nigeria, especially the rising tides of evils being perpetrated by the Boko Haram, yet, the security vote has evidently failed to secure the dearest life of Shaikh Albaniy.

If there is anyone who deserves to be fully covered and protected by the government because of his obvious fight against the Boko Haram, it should have been Albaniy. Alas, everyone has witnessed how our dear Shaikh was confronted from all angles including the government who claims to fight Boko Haram!

If Shaikh Albaniy could not get the needed, sincere and complete backing, support and absolute protection from the government, then, tell me who can get such?

If Albaniy, who stood vehemently against the Boko Haram, could not have the true and dedicated support from the government, and eventually lost his life in a manner that could not be far fetched from the dubious ways evil criminals execute their killings in this country, then, how can we be certain of the sincerity of government towards fighting the unfortunate scourge of insecurity across Nigeria?!

Our Islamic scholars shall forever remain adamant on the course of Allah.

Though, we are all touched and extremely sad by the death of Shaikh Albaniy, yet, our Islamic teachers shall derive more courage and zeal to stand by the only truth! We pray to Allah to strengthen our Scholars and support them with His ultimate support.

By Abu Maimunah; Isah Muhammad Galadima.

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