Concerned citizen advocates review of Nigerian laws

A concerned citizen , Alhaji Salisu Usman has advocated an upward review of the nation’s laws to provide for  higher options of fines for all criminal offences .

Alhaji Salisu Usman who issued a statement in Sokoto said that , such proposed  higher options of fines would greatly deter the commission of crimes.

He stated that, the subsisting laws which provide for lower options of fines were extremely encouraging the commission of crimes.

This he noted, was because the existing laws as enshrined in the country’s constitution were less stringent .

The concerned citizen then cited the examples of some armed robbers and house breakers who were handed down with six months jail terms, but, with an option of fine of a meager N5,000.

“Often, the convicts pay the lower options of fines , go back into the society and continue with their heinous crimes. This , therefore makes it a vicious circle as the criminals always continued with their criminal activities knowing full well that they can always opt for the lower options of fines,” Usman said.

The concerned citizen further called for the review of such less stringent laws, noting that, the time the laws were promulgated some decades ago, the Nigerian currency had more value.

“Then, the Nigerian naira had almost an equivalent value with the United States dollar, contrary to what obtains now. By reviewing the laws, criminals would be deterred from committing crimes and that would bolster the dispensation of justice in Nigeria,” Usman further said.

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