Company unveils E-commerce store for improved local food production, distribution, sales

To encourage food production and expand  channels of distribution of same among local merchants, an E-Commerce store, Orinoco Nigeria, has created a food model platform, Orinoco

According to it, this will also advance the agricultural sector thereby contributing positively to boosting the economy of the nation.

Mr Micheal Okay,  Country Manager, Orinoco Nigeria, told the  News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Thursday that the platform would also create employment for the teeming population of youths in the country.










NAN reports that Orinoco Nigeria is a branch of Orinoco Global Corporation based in U.S., with over 50 million products sourced directly from the manufacturers in various countries to guarantee qualitative delivery of services.

Okay said that the concept focuses at increasing the customer base of food merchants thereby encouraging small scale food businesses to produce more as well as encourage already established food merchants.

“We are giving merchants and business owners opportunity to key into this platform in order to promote their products which invariably has a huge impact toward sustaining the economy.

“We will help create market for their products by directing customers to them and this will lead to an upsurge in terms of their interest to be part of our business.










“This will greatly encourage the economy because the food model system itself as a platform will encourage many customers to come on board and improve trade,” he said.

The manager said that Nigeria has a large market with lots of small scale businesses that need publicity to be connected to the numerous end users for effective patronage.

“For example, a small fish restaurant that does not make much sales daily can triple its daily sales by keying into Orinoco food concept to connect with several customers.

“The model is designed to tap into small scale businesses that have the capacity and potential to grow but are just stunted because no one is promoting them,” he said.










According to Okay, merchants are allowed to enter their products for free to encourage as much as possible, those who are willing to join the platform in order to create awareness of their products.

“However, this grace period will last till the end of January 2021.

“Also, merchants who have very large quantities of products would be given their own store for easy accessibility and disbursement of their products,” he said.

He said that Orinoco also provided logistics that would ensure prompt delivery in a situation where the producers do not have a means of delivering their products to the end users.

“One important aspect of this model to small scale businesses is that it provides a platform for them to move their products to their customers where they lack such means.

“This by itself, will make it possible for various businesses to key into and this will have a positive impact in helping the economy to grow tremendously,” he said.











According to Okay, Orinoco Nigeria operates different applications such as the rider apps, the user apps and the merchant apps to enable smooth operation in the country.

“These apps will need people to operate, especially the riders app which deals with delivering products to the end users, therefore, this will help in generating employment in the country,” he said.

NAN reports that Orinoco Nigeria started  its e-commerce store in November 2020 with 94 drop off and pick up locations across Lagos and Abuja for easy accessibility across board.