Communist Party centenary: Chinese envoy pledges holistic support to Nigeria

Mr Cun Jianchun, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, has pledged holistic Chinese support to Nigeria’s growth, development progress, and security architecture.

Cun made the pledge on Tuesday, in Abuja, at an event organized by the Center for China Studies (CCS) in commemoration of the centenary anniversary of the Communist of China (CPC).

The envoy said China as a country. which has excelled under the leadership of its Communist Party, firmly supports Nigeria in pursuing a development path suits its national conditions.

He said the CPC had also succeeded in its century long journey by working together with other political parties for the interest of the people of China, a should be emulated in Africa.

“The CPC is a political breathes the same air and shares the same future with the people, I will emphasise ‘People’ because without the people it cannot succeed.

“The CPC adheres to its fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly and takes the people’s support, approval, happiness and consent as fundamental criteria for judging all its works.

“China’s development has broadened the path to modernisation for developing countries. China firmly opposes hegemonism and power politics.

“It advocates making international relations more democratic and rules-based; promotes the of a community with a shared future for mankind.

“And contributes by offering Chinese wisdom and solutions to global issues, such as poverty reduction and climate change.

As the 14th Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cun Jianchun said he had given thought to how to deepen China-Nigeria relations by on the achievements of the two countries in the past 50 years.

“I came up with an idea and gradually developed it into a strategy. I call it 5GIST Nigeria-China Growth Development Progress (GDP) Strategy.

“It is my hope in a holistic way, we can take Nigeria-China strategic partnership to a higher level,” Cun said.

Mr Charles Onunaiju, Director, Center for China Studies, said Nigeria should learn from the successes of China.

He added Nigerian political parties also needed to learn from the experiences of the CPC with key takeaways will help build the country’s democracy and development.

“Nigerian political parties need to learn that is not about Partying. It is toil and how to serve the people.

“Establish consultative mechanisms with the electorate, to build issues of development and national strategic vision; and it is important to note political parties play far more roles than just winning elections.

“Political parties must develop more farsighted perspectives on problem solving, which should transcend periodic electoral calendars.

“As we felicitate with our Chinese friends on the centenary of the CPC and its achievements, the purpose of this meeting is to reflect on our own conditions and how to re-energise our political parties to assume their historic roles in ameliorating the dire of our people”, Onunaiju said.

Hon. Shehu Sani, a former Nigerian Senator, thanked China for all its support and contributions to the development of our country.

Sani commended the Chinese government for all it had achieved under the CPC, by putting the interest of its citizens first.

He, however, appealed to the Chinese government to do more in its interventions on security as he lamented the spate of insecurity currently in the country.

“We appreciate the government of China for all they have been doing in infrastructure and development projects, because before we use there must be life.

“I come from the part of the country where insecurity is at its peak. If you can secure your country, you can secure ours,” Sani said. (NAN)