COAS hails intelligence corps’ upgraded capabilities

 The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt.-Gen. Faruk Yahaya, has commended the Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps (NAIC) and pledged to upgrade its technical capabilities for monitoring, tracking and apprehension of criminals.

Yahaya said this at the opening of the Combat Support Arms Training (COSAT) Week 2022, organised by the Nigerian Army Intelligence Corp (NAIC), on Monday in Abuja.

He said the combat support arms had continued to employ their expertise and unique capabilities to complement the operational endeavours of the combat arms.

According to him, the impact of their inputs remain evident in the successes recorded in the counter-insurgency operations in the North East as well as anti-banditry operations in the North West and North Central parts of the country.

He said the combat arms would rarely achieve success in battle without adequate fire and engineer support as well as seamless communication and timely intelligence.

“I must therefore, commend the leadership of the Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery, Nigerian Army Engineers, Nigerian Army Signals and Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps for their numerous innovations, acquisitions and training geared towards achieving the mission of the Nigerian Army.

“I look forward to further enlightenment on some of these efforts which I have been informed would be showcased during this event.

“I therefore, charge the Combat Support Arms to remain focused as they are major players in the Nigerian Army’s bid to completely defeat all non-state actors whose radical activities are instigating chaos across the country,” he said.

The COAS said the contemporary security environment had witnessed a paradigm shift in which non-state actors had become the primary threats to the existence of the nation’s states.

These threats according to him, have posed a serious challenge to developing armies which were originally established, trained and equipped to counter conventional threats whose pattern of operations were easily predictable.

He said the Nigeria’s security landscape had radically evolved since 2009 with attendant manifestations such as terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and secessionist activities which are grave impediments to national security as well as development.

Yahaya said it was in realisation of the contrast in the approaches required to combat modern asymmetric threats that Nigerian army had adapted its order of battle, training and doctrine to effectively address the challenges.

According to him, the Nigerian army has recorded tremendous successes in its activities which would not have been possible without the contributions of the combat support arms.

“It is therefore, expected that the outcome of this training week would further ensure greater professionalism, readiness, administration and cooperation in consonance with the pillars of my command.

“Just like previous COSAT weeks, this year’s edition is coming at a time when the Nigerian army is exploring new frontiers and approaches so as to better achieve its constitutional mandate.

“I am also glad to observe that significant progress has been made by the combat support arms especially in the areas of research and development.

“I am pleased to state that several of the combat support arms are currently domesticating relevant technologies for the manufacture of cost-effective equipment needed to navigate the challenges posed by the difficult-to access international defence markets.

“I will like to specifically congratulate the Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps for the upgrades to its technical capabilities which is playing a key role in the monitoring, tracking and apprehension of key members of various criminal groups.

“I therefore, charge the Combat Support Arms to remain focused as they are major players in the Nigerian Army’s bid to completely defeat all non-state actors whose radical activities are instigating chaos across the country,” he said.

Yahaya reaffirmed his commitment to providing the resources and support needed to upgrade army standards in achievement of its vision.

The Chief of Military Intelligence (Army), Maj.-Gen. Danladi Salihu, said the COSAT week provided the platform for personnel of the combat support arms to constructively engage, share ideas and experiences.

Salihu said that the engagement was aimed at enhancing effective support to the Nigerian army in tackling the current hydra-headed security challenges.

He said the nation had at no time since independence, been threatened by multiple threats across several fronts as it is today, apart from the Nigerian civil war that spanned 1967 to 1970.

According to him, at no time in history also have the resources and capacity of the Nigerian army been so over tasked and stretched as is the case at the moment.

“Therefore, these challenges require extraordinary measures entrenched in solid professional foundation to surmount.

“We are not unaware of the complexities and the dynamics of the challenges, thus, the need for abilities and capabilities that transcend the normal thresholds in the combat support arms,” he said.

Salihu said the week was also designed to adequately develop the necessary skill sets that would harness the COAS’ purposeful procurement and focused operational directives.

He added that the week would be used to brainstorm on operational excellence to build capacities to respond and move through the decision cycle faster than the adversary, to produce successful outcomes in support of army operations.

“We are aware of the enormity of the task ahead and the need for creative training and analytical ability to meet operational challenges.

“The combat support arms have over the years supported the combat arms in achieving set objectives, but as the threats keep expanding and mutating, there is the need for faster adaptation.

“Hence, we are here to jointly appraise our performances, rub minds and proffer solutions to our common and specific problems,” he added. (NAN)