Club owners set to takeover NPL

MAIGARI 0By Raphael Ekpang
If the outcome of the meeting of club chairmen/ managers which ended at the early hours of this morning is anything to go by, then the Executive Secretary of the NPL Tunji Babalola and a committee to be set up by the club owners will take the running of the affairs of the league for the meantime.
Hon. Nduka Irabor League Management had purportedly expunged the privately owned NPL clubs from the ongoing 2014/2015 league season alleging that they ( clubs) failed to meet up with the of the for the participation in the league, which has to Giwa FC running to court and got injunction stopping LMC from further organizing any league matches.
Though Giwa FC got a court injunction last week the LMC went ahead with the week 2 matches across the nation, a which made the same Federal High Court in Jos to issue another injunction stopping LMC from further organizing any league matches in the country pending the determination of the suit before .
Speaking to Newsdiaryonline after the meeting, the proprietor of Nembe City and Giwa FC, Rumson Victor Baribote and Ambassador Chris Giwa jointly assured their fans that they are set for their week 3 encounters of the ongoing 2014/2015 Nigeria Premier League season.
“The meeting is inconclusive yet, we are going to continue with the meeting later today, but I know is that we are going to start playing our matches from now. For the outstanding matches, LMC knows how to fix , ’s not my business,” Baribote told Newsdiaryonline.
Newsdiaryonline gathered after the meeting which ended 1.45am on Thursday that the club owners are poised to take the running of the league. However, the executive secretary of the NPL, Tunji Babalola and other NPL staff were at the venue of the meeting for a brief on the next action.
The twenty NPL clubs’ chairmen and managers attended the meeting, including former NPL chairman, Davidson Owumi and Akin Akin Bobola

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