Cleric urges Govt. to prosecute fake, fraudulent pastors

An Anglican Priest, Ven. Ifeanyi Akunna has called on the government to prosecute fake pastors, who defraud unsuspecting members, especially with fake miracles and healing.

Delivering a sermon on Sunday in Abuja, Akunna, who is the Vicar of Anglican Church of the Epiphany, Garki, advised Christians to desist from patronizing fake pastors, who run fake healing and deliverance for money.






He decried the spate of commercialisation of the pulpit by fraudulent pastors, stressing that God’s blessings and healing could not be bought,  adding that pastors who charge monies were fake and not of God.

He, therefore, stressed that any pastor that is found to be defrauding his unsuspecting members should be arrested and prosecuted.







“Any pastor, who abandons his sacred duty of feeding the flock, and begins to feed on the flock, is a failed pastor and has no business with the pulpit and altar,” Akunna said.

The vicar cited the biblical example of the High Priests that made merchandise of worshippers at the temple of Jerusalem and were chastised and whipped out of the temple.







He also pointed to the example of those who were trading in the church and had their tables upturned by Jesus Christ, who said that his Father’s house was not a market place.

“Remember that Jesus reminded them that the house of God is a house of prayer and not a den of robbers, which they had turned it into.








“We must always keep in mind that the house of God is a house of solution and not a place where people with burdens and problems are further subjected to untold hardship and dehumanization.

“There is a lot of milking, fleecing, spiritual harassment, intimidation and exploitation of people with spiritual needs in some churches today.

“God is not happy with pastors that charge people money before praying for them,” the Anglican priest said.








Ven. Akunna further said that ‘simony’ is prevalent in some new generation churches today where people are made to pay to receive miracles.

“Any Pastor that commercializes spiritual gifts is fake, because Jesus while commissioning the disciples to heal the sick and drive out demons in Matthew 10:8, said ‘freely you have received, freely give’.









“Hence, any pastor that charges money to pray for people obviously did not receive his gift from God.

“He must have paid for it and obtained it from the devil to justify the commercialism of the gift,” he said.









Akunna, therefore, called on Christians in Nigeria to have faith in God and be prayerful as God answers prayers. (NAN)