Cleric tasks security agencies, others on human rights

An Abuja based Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Yahya Al-Yolawi on enjoined  security agencies to ensure that human rights were not violated when fighting crime in the country.

Al-Yolawi, the Imam of Area 10 Community Jumma’at Mosque, gave the advice in a sermon  entitled,” Five Fundamental Objectives of Islamic Sharia Law,” in  Abuja.

The cleric also on other critical national institutions in the country, to in the protection of human rights.

” I will like this medium to appeal to the Federal Government, security agencies and the political elites to ensure the preservation of the constitutional rights and privileges of Islam and Muslims in Nigeria.

” I am urging the Muslims to learn from their predecessors,  and not to exceed the limits in whatever they are doing, it money, marriage, office work and politics,” he said .

According to him, Islamic  law places emphasis on the  protection of people’s right and life.

He added that  Islam  had devoted a significant amount of texts and teachings,  to establish the preservation of ’s soul as the most fundamental principle of all.

Al-Yolawi said that it was through  life that mankind is able to maintain preserve all of Almighty’s provisions and principles.

” Therefore, Islam has not only protected the soul from being killed wasted,  but also established a set of rules to ensure its welfare spiritually and humanly—that is to secure surviving needs such as food,” he said.

The cleric  explained that Islamic legal framework, was made to protect and achieve religion, lives, property, intellect and progeny.

According to him, these basic five principles, are  the basic and fundamental human rights in the world .

” And everything that results in failure of these principles,  is a harm,  that should fought and tuned to an interest.

” The prohibition of restraining these five principles has always been included in all religions injunction,  as Sharia comes for the interest of humankind,” he said. (NAN)