Cleric cautions parents against keeping girl-child in custody of male adults

A Catholic cleric, Rev. Fr. Michael Etekpo, advised  not to leave their  children, especially girls,  in custody of male adults including relatives.

Etepko, the Parish Priest of Saint John Catholic Church, Igando, State, said that heeding to the advice would reduce child abuse.He spoke a cultural competition of Catholic Women Organisation of Nigeria, Isolo Deanery,  State.The event took place at Igando.“Be vigilant over your young daughters, and even sons,  do not leave them in the care of any male adult,” he said.He said thag the world was  losing  moral values.“We in a society where values are lost; I want to encourage you not to be tired of raising up children in the fear of God.” Don’t go in search of money and fame at the expense of your children, do not entrust them in the care of male adults,” he said.He advised women to teach their children morals, pray with them and encourage them to get closer to God.He urged them to build their families in love and fear of God.” Satan to destroy families, because once that is achieved, his kingdom would excel.“He knows that a good family  makes a good and morally sound society.

“Our mothers must, as matter of urgency, find to restore the family lives in homes, in children; don’t divide the house or incite children  against their fathers.

“Women are special creatures of great faith, they impact more on children than fathers; they  should not be discouraged by challenges; they should  build love and unity.”The cleric said that should be close to their children to enable them to confide in them.” Get close to your daughters and sons so that they would confide in you and always speak their minds to you they are led astray.“Many of them are exposed to so many wrong values, and need someone to talk their hearts out to; be their friends and not a boss,” he urged.He warned   against aiding their children to commit examination malpractice.” Don’t lead your children into wrong doings, don’t pay money to get admission for them ; these practices are responsible for increase in sexual harassment.“Instead, encourage them to be hardworking and desist from cutting corners.“Never pay someone to write an exam for your child, it is a high level of irresponsibility and failure; such a child would never get it in the future.” If you have all the wealth and fame, and do not build your family well, you are a failed mother, and a failed mother would bring about a failed nation,” he warned.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that more 1,000 women from 15 parishes in the  Isolo Catholic Deanery attended the annual cultural day.The women engaged in cultural dances and other activities to celebrate the day.

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