Clergy urges couples to avoid domestic violence by resisting temptation from nagging partners

Rev. Fr. Gabriel Ekpe, the Assistant Parish Priest of St Mary’s Catholic Church, Karu, Abuja, has urged couples to avoid domestic violence by resisting the temptation of beating or fighting with nagging partners.

Ekpe made the call during the Sunday Mass as he was teaching from the Bible in Matthew chapter four verses 1 to 11.

“The devil saw that Jesus had fasted for forty days and must be very hungry, he knew that was the best time to tempt him with food, so he asked him to change stone to bread, but Jesus overcame the temptation.

“In the same way the devil tempts a lot of marriages today, when the devil overtakes a partner and he begins to nag or make things difficult for the other partner, if the other partner did not make conscious efforts to resist the temptation early enough, it may ruin the marriage.

“Some men have never beaten their wives, even though they are very troublesome, that is because they have vowed never to do so.

“Let’s put an end to domestic violence by resisting the temptation,” he admonished.

He also noted that all men were tempted but that some had made a vow not to ruin their souls by yielding to the temptations.

He said that many however fell into such temptations because they chose to live by the excuses of the difficulties that led them into it. 

“Like Jesus, let us resist temptation, may we not fall into temptation like Adam and Eve,” he prayed. (NAN)