CITAD hosts, trains PWDs on Anti-corruption Day


…..CITAD hosts, trains PWDs on Anti-corruption Day

In celebration of International Anti-Corruption Day, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) organized a special event focused on empowering Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to fight corruption using technology.

Themed “Uniting the World Against Corruption, Empowering PWDs To Fight Corruption Using Technology,” the event took place on Saturday at CITAD’s Kano office.

Executive Director of CITAD, Engr. Y.Z Yau welcomed the participants and highlighted the significance of including PWDs in the fight against corruption, which has significantly impacted Nigeria’s socio-economic development.

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Program Officer on Digital Rights, Ali Sabo, explained CITAD’s motivation for narrowing this year’s theme. He emphasized the importance of equipping PWDs with ICT skills to contribute their voices and participate in anti-corruption efforts through various digital tools.

Sabo expressed concern about the marginalization and neglect faced by the PWD community. He highlighted how corruption exacerbates their exclusion from governance and access to basic necessities like education, healthcare, and political participation.

“This community lacks a voice to advocate for their rights, a crucial aspect of democracy. They lack representation to amplify their plights for progress in crucial areas like health, education, and governance,” Sabo noted.

To address this issue, CITAD provided training for PWDs on various technological tools for combating corruption, focusing on user-friendly options. The training included an introduction to the internet and popular social media platforms that enable PWDs to engage with government officials and hold them accountable.

AbdulRazaq Ado Zango, chairman of the Kano Initiative of persons with special needs, spoke on behalf of the participants and praised CITAD for organizing this first-of-its-kind event.

“We learned about issues related to budgetary allocations for PWDs, how to monitor transparency and accountability mechanisms, and how to advocate for our digital rights,” he said.

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Zango pledged that the participants would share their newly acquired knowledge within their respective organizations to help eliminate or significantly reduce corruption using technology.