CISME registered as member of Paris Committee on Capacity Building

The Prince Lekan Fadina- CISME has been registered as a member of Paris Committee on Capacity Building.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by Prince  Fadina, Chairman, CISME Consulting Ltd on Saturday.

Fadina disclosed in an email dated 16th February,2021 addressed to the Company and signed by Eva Vazquez Costa, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Means of lmplementation Division said” It with pleasure to welcome CISME Consulting Ltd to the PCCBNetwork.The PCCB looks forward to working with you.”

According to him, the PCCB Network the platform for the United Nations Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC) to address the current and emerging capacity needs and gaps of countries,other actors, business and stakeholders globally in the climate related activities and issues.

The PCCB a network of networks,a capacity building and co-ordination hubs for human capital development, sharing experiences and knowledge.
The Climate related matters have become a issue in the global investment and development matters especially with the towards low carbon economy, sustainable and has also call for refocusing and redirection with COVID19 and it’s effects on our way of life.

The UNFCCC status has been boasted with the return of the United States to play effective role in its activities.

The members of the PCCB Network include the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),UNIDO, Nigeria Metrological Agency (NiMET) Commonwealth Foundation, Organization, Giz(Germany) among others.