CISLAC Commends Kano State House of Assembly Over Committee On MDGS

Auwal-Musa-Rafsanjani 600Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, CISLAC, has the Kano State of Assembly in her efforts to institute the Committee on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). CISLAC has been engaging both National and State Assembly Committees on MDGs and relevant Committees relating to MDGs, with the aim of advocating for the attainment of the MDGs by 2015 by getting legislators to play key role on resource allocation, effective oversight for implementing MDGs in Nigeria. CISLAC also conducts retreats, provides useful information and organizes dialogue with legislators at the National and State Houses of Assembly,a statement by Auwal Musa(Rafsanjani),executive director ,CISLAC said.

In 2009 CISLAC worked with the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) and the office of Special Assistant to the President on MDGs to organize the Africa-Wide strategy meeting, which was attended by Parliamentarians from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, etc and that led to
initiating an Africa Network of Parliamentarians on MDGs.It also enthusiastically took the initiative to first of all secure a buy-in from National Assembly and then establish the mechanism for the proper launching of the Network. By 2010, Africa Network of Parliamentarians on Millennium Development Goals was launched in Nigeria. The goal of the Network to facilitate conscious effort toward enhancing the Role of Parliaments in deepening government for the accelerated achievement of Millennium Development Goals. Their interventions being to deepen in all relevant Legislative processes; oversight function; Budget Scrutiny; Representation and Leadership Roles and any possible activities that the legislature can undertake to increase and improve
engagement with the MDGs in 2010.

Rafsanjani said this milestone achievement has engendered remarkable improvement within the National and State Assemblies towards accelerating the attainment of MDGs.

He added that CISLAC never relented in its efforts towards advocating for attainment of MDGs and has intensified this effort during her legislative engagement within the state assemblies recently. It may be recalled that in 2011 and in the month of May 2013, CISLAC in partnership with the United Nations Millennium Campaign, carried out a grand tour of the Northern State Assemblies, (Kano inclusive) proposing roadmap for legislative proactive
engagement with MDGs and conducting assessment of the MDGs performances in the states. The events were attended by relevant Committees in the State Houses of Assembly on MDGs and their staff; the State Executives; the Media and Civil Society Organizations. During the events, Members agreed to do everything possible to strengthen efforts towards attaining MDGs, fostering collaboration among the relevant Committees. The outcome of the engagement was widely publicized through the electronic/print media and social media and communiqués were issued to that effect.

CISLAC said it therefore ecstatic to find that its engagement coming to fruition with the recent action Kano State of Assembly to form a Committee on Millennium Development Goals, MDGs.

To this effect, CISLAC wishes to express her gratitude to Kano State of Assembly for not relenting in their effort to push for attainment of the MDGs given the enormous task and challenges in achieving the MDGs.

“CISLAC therefore calls on State Houses of Assembly yet to establish the Committee on MDGs to borrow a leaf from the Kano State House of Assembly in order to fast-track the achievement of the MDGs by 2015 or developmental indices.

“CISLAC pledges continuous support to the cause of attainment of MDGs and every other development efforts by both National and State Assemblies and extends her hand of support and partnership to any party in relation to strengthening attainment of MDGs in Nigeria.

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