Christmas: Abiru urges leaders to emulate Christ on fairness, justice

Sen. Adetokunbo Abiru,(APC-Lagos East) has charged Nigerian leaders on fairness and justice as enjoined by Jesus Christ to accelerate nation building.

Abiru, in his Christmas message, said Christ emphasised fairness and justice among leaders that hold power in trust for the people.

According to him, Jesus Christ also stands for a society free of corruption, moral perversion and violence of all kinds.

“I rejoice with the people of Lagos East in particular, Lagos State and Nigeria in general, as we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

“For all Christians worldwide, this season is significant to observe and remember the ideals and values that Jesus Christ died for as the Saviour of the world.

“In His deeds and teachings, Jesus Christ preached righteousness and uprightness among all men.

“He emphasised fairness and justice among the leaders that hold power in trust for the people.

“He also stands for a society free of corruption, moral perversion and violence of all kinds,” Abiru said.

According to him, as Christians commemorate the season, they must consciously reflect on the ideals and values Jesus taught, defended and died for.

He said that this had become imperative as the present administration was seeking measures to address the country’s health, economic and security challenges.

“Besides, as a country of diverse people, curiously in search of solutions to its social, economic, political and security challenges, we must internalise and daily observe the values Jesus taught and defended as a way to restore sanity in our political system.

“Dear compatriots, we now live at a challenging time that places great responsibility on us amid the renewed wave of COVID-19,” Abiru added.

According to him, reports indicate that there is a new strain of the pandemic requiring everyone to adhere strictly to prescribed protocols.

The senator then urged Nigerians to celebrate with caution and in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocol, adding that no hould throw caution to the wind.

“Rather, we must exercise our freedom with eternal caution and with a deep sense of responsibility to curtail the spread of the pandemic through strict compliance and observance of the COVID-19 protocols

“We owe ourselves the eternal duty to regularly wash our hands; avoid crowded places; wear our face shields always; use our nose covers religiously and comply with the protocols to stop the spread of the pandemic in our communities.

“It is my utmost joy to celebrate this joyous occasion with you.

“While sharing love and care to the needy during this season, you must, as well, be conscious of our safety and security,” he said. (NAN)