Chinese space manager put on forced leave for beating up scientists

A top manager China’s space programme who beat up two respected scientists badly that they had go hospital, according media reports, has been placed on forced leave.

Wu Meirong, aged 85, and 55-year-old Wang Jinnian are still in hospital.

As reported by China Weekly, the manager had invited the two for dinner ask them him for admission the Aeronautics Academy.

Wang Jinnian hesitated and argued that they had only just met him and did not know enough about his work, Annoyed, the head the board argued and tried to hit him. Both scientists then decided to leave.

Zhang Tao and his colleagues took them to Wang Jinnian’s flat, at the lift, the manager knocked them down and beat them up, according to surveillance camera footage.

The China Aerospace Science and Group Corporation (CASC), the umbrella the space industry, also said that an investigation had been launched.

It said the board and party chief of its investment arm, Zhang Tao, had “hit someone after he had been drinking.’’

In the incident in Beijing a month ago, the 57-year-old had seriously injured the two Chinese members of the Stockholm-based International Academy of Aeronautics, according to press reports.

In of the attack, the CEO able to go about his work unchallenged.

Parent company CASC also came under criticism, while photos and details made the rounds, CASC still asked its employees to keep quiet on Friday.(dpa/NAN).(www.