China’s research into COVID-19 variants started ‘long time ago’ – Expert

Studies by Chinese teams on against COVID-19 variants started a long time ago, a leading Chinese medical scientist has said.

Chen Wei, a researcher at the Institute of Military Medicine under the Academy of Military Sciences told the Central Television.

“By running extended targeted studies via national databases, we have been tracking the safety of in the long term, and tracking the vaccine’s efficacy rate against the latest mutations.

“We have been tracking and analysing a global database of COVID-19 patients with more 400,000 samples through genetics and biologics.

“Our labs then cross-examine the responses of virus variants detected in, for example, Brazil, and Britain to ,” Chen said.

“We have launched studies a long time ago in search for new vaccines targeting mutations,” she said.

Chen said that their studies would not end “in order to be prepared enough”. (Xinhua/)