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China to establish multi-tiered medical insurance system

A recent circular on developing lists for medical benefits in China reports that China would establish a sustainable multi-tiered medical insurance system.

The system would clearly define rights and responsibilities, and provide moderate support, says the circular released by the National Healthcare Security Administration and the Ministry of Finance.

The lists consist of the basic system and policy, as well as items covered by medical insurance fund and its criteria on payment.

No local policies would be made unless authorised in the lists, and existing ones that are not consistent would be removed or adjusted in three years, the circular reads.

China has implemented a comprehensive health system reform over the past decade which focused on strengthening the capacity of primary care, extending and improving social health insurance coverage, providing basic public health services to everyone, reforming public hospitals, and improving medicines policies.

Both central and local governments have mobilised substantial political and financial resources to implement the reform.

Almost everyone is covered by the social health insurance system and basic public health service package, and unmet health needs and inequities have decreased.

The new insurance system will see improvements in the quality of primary healthcare, further reform of public hospitals, better use of health resources, and integration of healthcare delivery and financing systems. (Xinhua/NAN)

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