China Pledges Military Cooperation With Nigeria

senate_president__david_mark 600Nigeria and the People’s Republic of China pledged military cooperation especially the training and retraining of security personnel the areas of tackling terrorism and disaster response capabilities.

Under the arrangement, both nations would exchange programmes for military officers and students of Defence colleges.

These were part of the high points of the bilateral talks between president of the Nigerian Senate Senator David Mark and president of the Chinese Parliament Mr.Zhang Dejiang who doubles as the Chairman of the National Peoples Congress (NPC) of China Abuja today.

Senator Mark earlier requested his guest to prevail on his government for assistance to Nigeria the mass production of military hardware for the Navy, Army, Air Force and the Police as well as aircraft spare parts production centre Nigeria.

Senator Mark also requested China’s government to support Nigeria’s bid for the UN Security Council seat as non- permanent from 2015 – 2015 and as the permanent from Africa in an expanded UN Security Council.

He pleaded with the Chinese leader to facilitate a positive review of the cases of 366 in Chinese prisons, 120 awaiting trial and four already sentenced to death under the transfer of prisoners arrangement.

Besides the agreed exchange of parliamentary visits between the National Assembly and the parliament of China, Senator Mark demanded that China reciprocate Nigeria’s friendly visa regime by honoring Diplomatic Notes and simplifying visa for .

Although the trade and commercial ties between Nigeria and China increased with a deficit of N270 against Nigeria, Mark requested that the imbalance be addressed by encouraging Chinese government and community to increase its investments in the non-oil sector in Nigeria as well as offering duty waiver on Nigerian exports.

Mr. Dejiang noted that China runs a friendly administration and upholds the sanctity of the rule of law but would table the requests of the Senate President before his home government for a possible review especially on those convicted on criminal offences.

Dejiang promised cooperation with the government and people of Nigeria in all various areas that would improve her economy and general welfare of the people .

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