China becomes world leader in computing power

China is standing out in Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing, digital transformation of manufacturing and many other fields against the fierce competition in the global digital economy.

According to on Monday, a report on the evaluation of the global computing power index in the 2021-2022 showed.

Jointly compiled by Tsinghua University, International Data Corporation (IDC) and other institutions, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of the computing power, efficiency, application and infrastructure of 15 major economies.

Data show that among these economies, China has seen the biggest increase in the score of computing power in the 2021-2022 periods under review, and become a global leader with a score of 70.

The report also shows that manufacturing had ranked among the top three globally for the first time in terms of computing power, becoming one of the industries with the fastest growth in computing power input along with internet and finance.

The report said that the information technology spending of China in manufacturing had accounted for about 15 per cent of the global market in 2021, and the figure is expected to reach 20 per cent in 2025.

According to it, the AI computing power spending of the 15 economies among the total computing power spending has risen from nine per cent in 2016 to 12 per cent, signaling a rapid layout in the sector.

It points out that China has recently approved projects to build eight national computing hubs and approved plans on 10 national-data centre clusters.

The aim was to promote the green and intensive development of the computing power through the construction of efficient, intensive, universally applicable and beneficial new infrastructure. (Xinhua/NAN)