Chief Of Staff ,Oghiadome “has resigned”,says Abati

OghiadiomhePresidential Spokesman, Dr Reuben Abati has finally confirmed to reporters that the Mr Mike Oghiadome, the chief of staff to president Goodluck Jonathan has resigned his appointment .Responding to an enquiry by sms, Abati confirmed to Newsdiaryonline ,”He resigned.Yes”.

Speaking to State House Correspondents , the presidential spokesman said “Nothing extensive to say other than to confirm that the chief of staff has resigned his appointment and it has nothing to do with the speculation that one online has tried to put out.

According to him,“The president received the letter today which is titled letter of resignation and it says he wishes to pursue other political necessities in our great party. Mike oghiadomeh”

Abati added “You would recall that about two weeks ago before the president travelled to Ethiopia, he announced in council that if there was any member of the cabinet or any major political appointee who wants to pursue some other political roles that he had been hearing rumours that some people maybe wanted to go and pursue other things in whatever capacity, that such people are going to be engaged heavily in political activities, they should let him know; and if they see that they are going to be really busy, and such activities may occupy their time extraordinarily, they should please step aside or come and see him for discussion.

The presidential spokesman continued “That you can confirm. It happened in the open floor of the council. And you can see what I have pointed out as the reason for the chief of staff’s resignation is in line with that. So, we find the speculation particularly by some of the online platforms callous, completely unreasonable considering that this is a man who has ….given time and energy to the pursuit of the good interest of our country. Mr president appreciates his contributions and he would like to put on record that indeed he was a man who discharged his responsibilities diligently and the country is very grateful to him and the president personally would like to wish him well in his future endeavours.

When he was asked if a replacement has been named,Abati said “Not yet”.

Villa sources told Newsdiaryonline that though Oghiadome has “some problems, the president would not sack him” ,trying to give the impression, he indeed resigned on his own.One source also said Oghiadome’s problems “may not have something to do with fraud in NNPC, not up to that level” .

But there had been speculations long before now that Oghiadome had been fighting to keep his job.A prominent owner of a broadcast outfit was said to be in line as the new chief of staff.Whether he too will get Oghiadome’s job remains to be seen.

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