Centre recommends media, information literacy skill for youths

By Chimezie Godfrey
African Centre for Media and Literacy (AFRICMIL) has said that media and literacy skill will help young people address challenge of misinformation and on different societal issues.
Coordinator, AFRICMIL, Chido Onumah made this assertion during a workshop conducted in collaboration with Rosa Luxemburg tagged,”Building Capacity for Youths and Students in Tertiary Institutions to Promote Peace, Intercultural Dialogue and Decision Making.”
Onumah noted that media and literacy will enable young people understand and media messages and as well boost their interpersonal and community relationships.
“Media and Literacy skills are sets of competencies that provide young people in a world of expanding and communication technology with ability to navigate media, produce media, understand and critically assess information and media messages and apply them in their interpersonal and community relationship,” he said.
The AFRICMIL Coordinator stressed that media and information literacy skills will  enable young people to effective information and an understanding of the media as well as help develop their communication abilities.
According to him, part of the aim of the workshop to provide youths with the knowledge of evaluating information and information with a view to addressing misinformation or bias about internet messages and on different societal issues which can lead to tension, violence and truncation of the democratic process in the country.
He also said that the intervention planned to provide youths the opportunity to understand and deal with contemporary issues in a way that responsible, informed, inclusive and effective as a way of ensuring unity, peace, and in Nigeria.
Onumah noted that the of democracy in Nigeria lies greatly on the shoulder of youths whose , knowledge and approach to governance will help in promoting social and peaceful co- in the country.
He stressed that developing the capacity of youths to deploy the benefits of MIL skills to counter false information and promote positive information will go a long way in promoting social inclusion and national cohesion.
The Programme Manager, Rosa Luxemburg West Africa, Angela Odah who thanked AFRICMIL for organizing the workshop said such forum will help to revive the vibrancy of the campuses and restore some of its progressive contents.
She also stressed that social media as a new communication strategy in of peace and intercultural dialogue very important in view of the challenges Nigeria faces in the area of security, economically and socially.