Centre inaugurates FCT, States Man O’ War Commanders

The Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre (C&LTC), a parastatal in Federal Ministry Youth and Sports, on Saturday in Abuja, inaugurated 38 Man O’ War Commanders for the 36 states, FCT and Nigeria Railway Command.

The Director-General the centre, Mr Jonah Bawa, urged the newly appointed commanders to discharge their duties diligently, and to abide by the rules and functions Man O’ War as stated in the statutes.

He urged the commanders not to see themselves as “gods who can do and undo” in their respective states but to discharge duties with all sense humility and patriotism.

“Always wear the toga of voluntarism as Man O’ War is a voluntary Organisation. Do not engage in acts that will tarnish your imagine or that of the centre as the centre will not condone any such act.

“The centre is to rebuild and re-brand Man O’ War and is open to constructive contribution and loyalty to the National Commander and constituted authorities.

“The centre has good plans for the association and has established a department for greater attention to Man O’ War for quick and proper handling of affairs.”

The director general congratulated the newly appointed commanders, stating that this was the time the centre was adopting rigorous selection process that included examination for all the commanders.

Retired Col. Sani Adamu, the National Commander of Man O’ War Nigeria, said the Organisation, which was established in 1951, was saddled with the responsibility of building men and the community.

He said Man O’ War Nigeria trained youths on good leadership in universities and orientation camps of the National Youths Service Corps.

He added that “voluntarism has to do with the mind because it is something you give out freely. I urge you to discharge the trust effectively, efficiently and diligently for the good of our country.”

Adamu also appealed to relevant stakeholders to help the organisation with funding to enable it to train jobless youths to be self employed.

Mr Eyo John, the State Commander of Man O’ War, FCT, thanked the centre and the Federal Government for them the opportunity to contribute their quota the of the country.

He urged his colleagues to stand up to the challenges confronting the association so that they would leave a good legacy for the future generation of youths.

Man O’ War Nigeria, an organisation under the C&LTC, is principally a human outfit established for the training and moulding of Nigerians to become responsible and respectable citizens. (NAN)