CAN President predicts end to insecurity, economic hardship in Ibadan

The President, Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Supo Ayokunle, says an end has come to insecurity and violence in Nigeria, predicting economic prosperity.Ayokunle made the declarations at the opening rally of the 39th Holy Ghost Convention 2021 of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, also known Christ Life Church, on Sunday evening in Ibadan.

The week-long convention with the theme, “Abundant Rain”, will run from Aug. 29 to Sept. 5, 2021.The CAN president said that the prevailing situation in the country was because people had neglected God and took His words for granted.According to him, corruption has been taken as a way of life and those in the Church do not even care; they do the same thing in the public places and market places.“We have allowed our glory to be trampled upon, by doing all sorts of things that are not acceptable and the Lord had left us to our foolishness.“

Now, we are reaping, both the led and the leaders, the reward of ungodliness and unrighteousness.“But, because the Lord is merciful, because of prayers offered, the Lord has decided to retain some righteous people in this nation.“Because of this remnants, the Lord had decided to stand up for His people, so that His name might not be blasphemed among the gentiles,” he said.Interceding for the country, the CAN president said that there shall henceforth be showers of rain upon Nigerians.Ayokunle said: “I stand in the place of Ezekiel and I prophesy to Nigeria and Nigerians that the showers will bring freshness to the body, and there shall be peace in Nigeria.“The Lord will fight the beast of bandits, of Boko Haram, religious terrorists, kidnappers, house made vandalism and other criminals operating in Nigeria and caused them to be wiped away in Jesus name.“Violence will become a thing of the past in Nigeria.

All Nigerians from the youngest to the oldest shall dwell in safety.“I prophesy into you Nigeria and Nigerians that our economy is going to bounce back and Nigeria will flourish.“Nigerians will flourish and people in the Diaspora will rush back home and possess their possessions.“Nigerians, henceforth, you will not be fugitives anywhere anymore. The name Nigeria shall be respected everywhere. The lost glory shall be restored in full.“Nigerians will eat in plenty; your days of scarcity and hunger you will remember no more.“Nigeria is not going to become Afghanistan, no Taliban is going to take over here. We tear every false prophecy apart concerning Nigeria in Jesus Name.”The cleric said that the Lord spoke to him on Friday night to Saturday concerning Nigeria from the Book of Ezekiel 34: 25-30.Ayokunle said: “In Nigeria, we shall dwell safely. No more terrorists, no more insurgents attacks, no more herdsmen attack and kidnappings.“

There will be abundant of employment.”Extolling the virtues of Bishop Francis Wale Oke and his wife, the CAN president enjoined the congregation to continue to emulate them for their successful living.Earlier, in his address, Oke, who is also the President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), said Nigeria shall experience peace.He described kidnapping, banditry, and other crimes as evil, calling on Nigerians to be hopeful. (NAN)