‘Campaigns against me, handiwork of my opponents’, says Interior Minister

Minister of Interior, Comrade Abah Moro has said that the series of media publications where a number of allegations were raised against him are simply the handiwork of those who felt they ought to have been appointed into the position instead of him.

In one of the said publications, the minister was accused of intimidating his perceived antagonists in the recent ward and local congresses of the PDP in Benue State, using men of the paramilitary services under the control of his ministry, thereby promoting violence in the state.

But Moro, a leading stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Benue State, however, said in a message that he would not be deterred in his effort to discharge his duty diligently to bring about positive change to the Ministry of Interior, in line with of the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan.

His words: “This is part of an orchestrated smear campaign by some groups that think they should have been appointed and not me. I had requested security agencies to investigate the claim of my use of the paramilitary services under my supervision as well as my sponsorship of violence. What happened in the congresses of PDP in Okpokwu is the result of the

insistence of the state chairman to select rather than elect leaders of the party at the ward and local government levels.”

He continued: “On the UN bombing, I was one of the early callers at UN bombing and accompanied Mr. President to the scene when he called. I enjoined people to concentrate on attitude that will grow society and newspaper houses to verify scourges of stories and their veracity before going to town with them as not doing so calls to question their integrity

and credibility.”


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