The Cabaliya and Her Cabal in Taraba, By Babayola Toungo

hauwa-suntai-369x336After false starts by Turai & co. mimics to re-enact the tragi-comedy that played out during the last days of the late president Umaru Musa Yar Adua by Turai, his wife and her associates, Hauwa Danbaba Suntai, the mini Turai, tried hard to re-enact the same thing done by Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare Macbeth in this long suffering north eastern state of Taraba.

The copycat has a full complement of a cabal to assist her in murdering sleep while she plays the role of Cabaliya as my friend aptly named her. The cabal and cabaliya is to run the state by proxy and not her husband’ health. To this group, as long as they can to milk the state dry and keep the people of Taraba state under a tight leash, they don’t care what happens to the constitution and constitutionalism.The acting governor is to be shunted aside and treated as an irritant.

Danbaba Suntai, a plane crash survivor, who some claim is damaged, is who these people are trying to hoist on the people as a governor. Coming barely after two and half years since the Turai saga, this should be unacceptable to all Nigerians who mean well for democracy and the rule of law. Sadly, this group has introduced a very dangerous element into the whole affair by giving it religious undertone. From those who received the wobbly Danbaba at the airport to the deliberate blocking of the acting governor from seeing him at the Jalingo airport, it was all very clear to the discerning that religion has taken over politics.

I failed to fathom the presence of the likes of Pastor Jerry Gana from Niger State and John Dara from Kwara state acting as spokesmen for Danbaba. To complete the religious toga, you have Damien Dodo, Emmanuel Bwacha, Darius Ishiaku, and Jonah Jang as the masquerades behind the charade. If this is not an exclusive religious affair, then I am a monkey’ uncle.

Danbaba Danfulani Suntai had a near fatal accident with a plane he was piloting (nobody is allowed to ask how he got the money to buy the plane in the first place) about ten months ago and by the grace of God he survived the accident but with debilitating consequences. The injuries that Danbaba sustained could be of permanentnature. After intensive management by specialists in both Germany and USA, his political associates and an uncaring wife bundled the poor guy back into a Nigeria that lacks the basic equipment to manage trauma victims, which was why Danbaba was taken to the USA in the first place.

What we witnessed in Taraba state was exactly what the nation witnessed two and a half years ago when Turai Yar Adua and a handful of trusted aides attempted to run the country by proxy, not minding the pathetic condition of her dying husband. Hauwa appear to be walking the same road Turai took. Turai and her cabal are now footnotes of history after having gotten fifteen minutes of fame. Danbaba’ wife surrounded herself with political vultures masquerading as sympathisers and loyalists of her husband. If they truly love her husband, they would have left him in the hospital and wouldn?€?t have given the whole drama a religious tone.

As an elected governor of Taraba state, Danbaba Danfulani was elected by a broad spectrum of people in the state, irrespective of creed. Surprisingly, those at the airport to receive the governor were all Christians, giving adherents of other religions in the state the jitters. Pointedly, the roles of Jerry Gana and John Dara leaves many bewildered as to what do the duo have in the politics of Taraba state seeing that they both come from out of the state. It was also alleged that Jonah Jang of Plateau state and Gabriel Suswan of Benue are neck deep in the whole tragedy. Much as I try to deny the religious link, I find religion rearing its ugly head. The role-played by these gentlemen in blocking even the acting governor from receiving him or even meeting him speaks volumes.

In continuation of the charade, a letter was sent to the state legislature purportedly written by a Danbaba whose wife told the world less than 24 hours back that her husband wouldn’t be able to see anyone until after 72 years. Wonders shall never end. Turai tried to bullshit Nigerians but failed. Hauwa and her people are not even original. All they can come up with is a script written by the Katsina Mafia.

To compound the situation you have uncouth goons insulting anyone who dare question the mental and physical condition of Danbaba including members of the state House of
Assembly, who are equally elected by the electorate, same as Danbaba. This ultimately proved to be undoing as the threatened to impeach Danbaba in the event that the cabal and the cabaliya to block access to Danbaba.

Being amateurs, the cabal, cabaliya and chorus singers panicked and arranged a meeting with a man who couldn’t recognise any of the members that visited him. When the Senator Hope Uzodinma PDP Committee visited him, it was the same result. The Committee was left with no choice than to ask Alhaji Umar Garba to acting for the governor as chief executive of Taraba state. This is exactly what the cabal were trying to but had to happen. Ultimately,

Two ugly things became manifest in this saga. The pivotal role of religion in the imbroglio and the insensitivity of the human being to fellow beings plight. people may disagree with me on the issue of religion but may only resort to name-calling rather than address the fundamental questions I raised here. Bottom line is that, all those who hustled Danbaba from Seaview Hospital in New York belong to the same faith with him and their to whip up religious emotions on the day he was brought back to Jalingo says much about the religious undertone of the misadventure. The return of the governor that was supposed to be celebrated by all was turned into a sort of religious revival rally. Sad. Very sad.

On the other hand, those lusting for power and money don’t care about what happens to the man as long as they can have him in the Taraba state government house either as a prisoner or as a governor. Their main objective is to have access to the state’s treasury and loot to their hearts’ delight. Why do we easily fall prey to base instincts where lucre is concerned? Distressing.

Seeing a bewildered Danbaba alight from the plane that brought him from New York at the airport, made me aware of my fallibility. It may more aware of how a human being, no matter how powerful, can become useless within a twinkle eye. It made appreciate how the poor cripples and other people with health challenges are coping with daily challenges life throw at them. It made me appreciate my life, my health and things I take for granted.

Hauwa should be well advised to take her husband back to New York and help nurse him back to health. She was reported to have told the Uzodinma Committee that Danbaba was brought to Nigeria because he complained of homesickness. Though I find it difficult to disagree with her, I am forced to disagree with her , the Danbaba I saw is not capable of saying so.

Be that as it may, the cabaliya and her cabal shall please leave the stage before the stoning commences because their production cannot even be rated. Curtains.

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