Buhari Sacks CSO, Reverses Promotion Of DSS Officers-Reports

President Muhammadu Buhari has redeployed his Chief Security Officer CSO , Abdulrahman Mani  reports at the weekend said.He has been replaced by Bashir Abubakar.

Though no official account has been given for the sack, it is believed he was relieved of his duties as CSO to the president and redeployed over his alleged disobedience of superior order.

Mani ,the former CSO  had  reportedly countered an order by the President’s Aide-de –Camp, ADC, Lt –Col  Lawal that DSS officials should not give close protection to the president inside  the Villa.Such duties have now been assigned to military personnel.DSS officials were however  to remain at their duty posts at the outer perimeters of the Villa.This instruction from the ADC came  ostensibly from the president.

But the CSO had issued a counter order  urging the DSS to disregard the instructions by the ADC.

It was not immediately clear whether this was indeed the reason for his sack because The Cable has also reported that  the CSO  may have been sacked for leaking the  president’s itinerary to  a former minister.But there was no confirmation of these speculations from officials at the weekend.

Also, it has emerged that the president has ordered the reversal of all last minute promotion of officials of the Department of State Security, DSS by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.All those who benefitted from such promotions have been directed to revert  to their previous levels pending a review.

The Spokesperson of the DSS,Marylin Ogar is said to be one of those affected by the reversal of promotion.