Buhari Commends Military for Prompt Response to Kaduna Abduction

President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday issued a stern warning would-be terrorists and bandits targeting schools, saying the country will not allow the destruction of the school system.

Presidential Spokesman, Shehu disclosed this in a statement Saturday.

According Shehu, President Buhari commended of the Kaduna State government and early response of the military which led the rescue of 180 students including eight staff members but urged the others declared missing be found and returned safely their .

The President also commended and contributions of local intelligence in significantly thwarting the kidnappers, saying a country which has an efficient local intelligence network is a safer country.

“Our military may be efficient and well-armed but it needs good for the nation’s defense and the local rise this challenge of the moment.”

Buhari expressed sympathy with the victims of this incident and hoped for an early end to the ordeal of those still held captive.