Broadcast rights: NBC Board to smoothen rough edges

The Board of the National Broadcasting Commission,NBC says it will further study and reconvene next week with a view to smoothening the rough edges on the new amendments especially  with respect to the issue of broadcast rights.

A statement by Chairman said “The Board of the National Broadcasting Commission acknowledges the efforts of Management and industry Stakeholders, who spent time to come up with new amendments in the administration of the Broadcast Industry especially with the issues of Broadcast Rights, in the 6thedition of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code. 

“While acknowledging all the efforts of Management and other Stakeholders in reaching a consensus, it has become obvious that more voices need to be heard, and a few other Stakeholders who have ventilated their opinion to be given adequate audience.

“The Board would further study the new amendments and will reconvene next week in its attempt to respond to, and smoothen the rough edges of the new amendments.”