BREAKING:Military Flushes Boko Haram Out of Chibok

The Nigerian military scored a major victory this weekend as troops “effectively flushed”Boko Haram terrorists away from embattled Chibok town in Borno State.

This feat was announced by  Defence Heaquarters on its  website ( with the bold headline, “Chibok is Secured”.

The report  on the site said “The terrorists who attacked Chibok  town early yesterday have been effectively flushed out of the area.  The subsequent mopping up operation is still ongoing, as troops continue the pursuit of fleeing terrorists and arrest of the wounded.

“Meanwhile, normalcy has been restored and the town is now secured.  Further details will follow later please.”

Boko Haram’s seizure  of Chibok was like adding salt o injury.It occurred even as the over 200 Chibok school girls seized by the insurgents have not been freed  despite local and international outrage over the abduction of the girls.A reported ceasefire agreement meant to ensure the release of the girls turned out to be fake.

It was not surprising that the military swiftly moved in to flush  insurgents out of Chibok .

A joint effort, involving local hunters,Civilian JTF and Nigerian troops, was also responsible last week for the flushing out of Boko Haram from Mubi in Adamawa state

Many will expect the military to extend the same level of operational swiftness to other towns still under Boko Haram  control in the rest of the  North -East.