BREAKING :Anxiety As Fayose Leaves ‘For London In Trail Of Buhari’

Facts reaching Newsdiaryonline  Saturday night  have indicated   that Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose has been sighted at the  Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos.The governor is said to be on his way to London  to  personally take charge of his trail of  All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential candidate ,General Muhammadu Buhari.

“Governor Fayose  is right now at the Lagos Airport leaving for London  in trail of Buhari” an impeccable source told Newsdiaryonline.

Fayose had  repeatedly said  Buhari travelled  to the UK  for medical attention  not  a working visit as APC Campaign stated .But a rash of press releases  including pictures by APC Campaign  on Saturday showing Buhari meeting key UK topshots have  debunked the governor’s claims.

With the governor’s   sudden trip to London, it appears  he  has decided to scale up his  trail of Buhari which the APC Campaign earlier  said  his men had been  handling  in London.

According to APC Campaign the governor had hired  some people to be trailing Buhari’s movement in the UK.a development the campaign office described as worrisome.

“Let it be on record that knowing Governor Fayose’s antecedents, we are not leaving anything to chances. The Governor who has published death-wish advertorials on Buhari will stop at nothing. If anything should happen to General Muhammadu Buhari while in London or anywhere, the authorities over there in the UK and at home should know who to hold responsible”, the campaign office said  through its spokesman ,Garba Shehu Saturday afternoon .

It was Fayose who has been harping on his allegation that  Buhari was ill and might not be strong enough to withstand the rigours of campaign and the presidency.APC Campaign has repeatedly said Buhari is as fit as a fiddle.

But after the alarm raised  Saturday afternoon by the APC campaign office, Fayose’s aide issued a statement denying wishing Buhari dead.

The governor’s trip to London tonight  has however  generated  further  anxiety in the political circles, sources said.

Fayose not wishing Buhari dead-Aide

Special Assistant to the Governor of Ekiti State on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka has said that Governor Ayodele Fayose was not wishing the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Major General Mohammadu Buhari (rtd) dead.

Olayinka said “the governor is only concerned about the state of health of Buhari and the well-being of Nigeria as a nation since Buhari is one of the major contenders to the presidency.”

He said “The Yar’Adua experience has made Nigerians to be interested in the health status of potential presidents of the country and Buhari, being old should be transparent in matters relating to his health.

“More so that the business of governing Nigeria is not a tea – party.The country cannot afford the chance of considering a 72 year old man, whose health status is suspicious as its president and someone must speak out as some people did when Yar’Adua saga was first ‘Umoru are you dead’ before it led us to Doctrine of Necessity.

“It is on record that Buhari never spoke for more than five minutes in any of the APC presidential campaign rallies. He has exhibited one of the traits of senility by refering to his party as All Progressives Confidence instead of All Progressives Congress, INEC Independent Nigeria Electoral Commission instead of Independent National Electoral Commission,  Imo State as Ibo State and his running mate as Osunbade instead of Osinbajo.

“Most importantly, Buhari was rumoured to have planned to travel abroad for medical treatment in January, this year. The trip was however shelved at the last minute and it should raise suspicion for a personality like Buhari to have travelled through the Abuja Airport without any of the Aviation Journalists interviewing him.

“Buhari’s handlers further raised suspicion on Friday, when they published photographs he took in London in 2013 on the Internet, claiming that the pictures were taken on Friday.

“The APC should come to equity with clean hands and accept the burden of presenting an old and analogue Buhari as it’s candidate and stop blaming Fayose for exposing to Nigerians what they are covering concerning Buhari’s health status.”