Brazil hones in on Nigeria

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Posted by Ivy Mungcal on 08 August 2012

Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff is scheduled to make an official visit to Nigeria later this year. Photo by: Erasmo Salomão / ASCOM/MS / CC BY-NC-SA

With Nigeria as its latest destination, Brazil appears keen to continue building ties with Africa. This is despite an already strong presence in the region, which is the top recipient of Brazilian aid and cooperation.

Brazil spent $22 million in aid to Africa in 2010 — 55 percent of the total project expenditure of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, or ABC. Top recipients included Mozambique, Ghana, Angolo, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and Sao Tome and Principe. Benin, Tanzania and Kenya, meanwhile, are among some 35 other countries Brazil has pledged strong bilateral relations with, as Devex has reported, citing ABC head Marco Farani.

Nigeria now appears to be also on that list. The country is set to receive a group of Brazilian infrastructure companies to explore its investment climate as well as opportunities for public-private partnerships, the Nigerian Guardian says. In particular, companies will reportedly consider projects in the transport sector.

Meanwhile, Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff is scheduled for an official trip to Nigeria later this year, according to the African country’s ambassador to Brazil. If Rouseff’s trip to Africa last year is any indication, she is likely to announce renewed and expanded Brazilian involvement in the country.

Brazil’s focus on Africa reflects a trend among emerging donors, particularly of the so-called BRICS group that also includes Russia, India, China and South Africa. These countries, along with other new players such as South Korea, are increasingly offering alternative sources of aid and cooperation ties to the continent.

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