BPP saved government N313 billion since inception-Engr Ezeh

The sum of N313 Billion (Three Hundred and Thirteen Billion Naira) has been saved by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) for the Federal Government since the implementation of the Public Procurement Act, 2007 began.

The savings came  the difference often evaluated by the BPP between project proposals from MDAs and final approvals from the Bureau.

BPP DG, Engr. Emeka Ezeh, FNSE who said this while delivering a paper on ‘Fiscal Responsibility and Defence Procurement’ at a Workshop by National Defence College (NDC) Abuja at the weekend on ‘Fiscal Responsibility In The Defence and Security Sector in Nigeria’ said government would have been substantially ripped off but for the new BPP vetting.

Engr. Emeka Ezeh during his presentation harped on the issue of transparency as the major stride that ought to be upheld by all concerned, stating that this will help in curbing the case of corruption in public procurement. He reiterated the fact that the use of fake documents and falsification of facts, collusion by contractors – between bidders and between bidders and procuring agency staff, conflict of interest, kickbacks and bribery among others were the setbacks suffered before now in procurement which have to be done away in totality for the country to grow.

BPP DG, Engr. Emeka Ezeh said in his presentation that anybody can bid and win, stating that you do not have to know anybody before you can bid. That the era of having somebody somewhere to facilitate things has past. He emphasized that open competition is one of the guiding light of the Bureau which makes it easier for anyone who is qualified to bid.

The DG, Engr. Emeka Ezeh in his delivery encapsulated the growing awareness in the MDAs about the expectation of the Bureau in terms of the tenets in public procurement which he explained that if everything is followed to the letter, will impact not only on the government but the common man on the street positively.

Engr. Emeka Ezeh also highlighted the fact that the ongoing categorization and classification of contractors, consultants and other service providers by BPP is also a step to further help public procurement practice in Nigeria, stating that the exercise when completed will ease out the bottleneck ever present in the selection process. This he emphasized will be able to put every consultant, contractor and service provider in the different classes of the services they can render. And since the Bureau is to maintain a National Database of the particulars of Federal Contractors and Service providers for ease of information sourcing and analysis in conformity with the needs of the new information age, the categorization exercise is germane; while stating that the purpose of this exercise will further enhance efficiency.

Rear Admiral Thomas J. Lokoson, the Commandant of the National Defence College (NDC) Abuja who was seated during the presentation commented on the activities of the Bureau as being key to the Transformation Agenda of Mr. President. However, the Commandant thanked the DG, BPP for sparing the time to educate him and his team on the all important subject of Public Procurement.


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