Boko Haram Leader Shekau Alive, Now Hiding In Mandara Mountains – Ex Commander Reveals

By Barnabas Manyam/Yola

An Ex Boko Haram commander, Abdulkadir Abubakar has revealed that the sect’s leader, Abubakar Shekau has left Sambisa forest, and he  is now hiding in Mandara Mountains near Adamawa state.

The former chief intelligence officer was arrested by troops along Buni Yadi in Gujba local government area of Yobe State.Sources revealed that  Abubakar has also promised to help the military capture Shekau and also broker peace between the sect’s two other factions and the Federal Government.

The ex commander  reportedly said “I am cooperating with the military and I am ready to provide information on the whereabouts of Shekau. Shekau has left his enclave in Sambisa and moved deep into Mandara Mountain in Adamawa state. I know the area where he is hiding and willing to provide a guide to the military.

“The intensified military offensive has weakened Shekau’s position and that of the other groups.”

The former commander also accused Shekau of frustrating all the efforts to negotiate with the government.

He said “Shekau is not willing to surrender due to his high handedness. Unfortunately, the government and military authorities accorded priority on dealing with Shekau, who is blood thirsty.

“Albarnawi had indicated interest to dialogue with the government to end insurgency and provide a lasting solution to the crisis. Albarnawi discusses this with members of his circle. And I can assure the government that he would cooperate to achieve peace.

“The two factions are willing to cooperate with Nigerian Government to defeat Shekau.”

“During the early days of the insurgency we fought for what we thought was a just cause, to establish a caliphate where human beings are valued, cherished and respected.

“After annexing vast territories, Shekau began to demonstrate his cruelty and atrocities against humanity.

“In view of the high level atrocities committed by the group,some of the top commanders including myself, Albarnawi and Mamman Nur challenged Shekau, demanding an immediate end to the ugly saga.

“Thereafter, Albarnawi and Mamman Nur parted ways, and formed their groups. Shekau is responsible for suicide bombings and attack on soft targets in the North-East.

“The Albarnawi and Mamman Nur groups never attacked schools, religious places of worship, markets, women and children. Our fight was strictly with security forces. Even the kidnapped oil workers would not be killed by the group.

“Shekau is fond of using the girls and other abducted women as sex toys, and suicide bombers. He kills on the pretext  of punishing for lies, theft, and rebellion. Shekau kills without justification.

“Shekau arrogated to himself the powers to accuse, prosecute, convict and punish in total contradiction to Islamic teachings. Children and women also starved to death in Sambisa due to Shekau’s cruelty,” he added.

Members of the Boko Haram sect recently attacked six villages – Abachari, Kote, Uda Lawanti and Wokilli, all in Nganzi Local Government Area of  Borno state.