Boko Haram Denies Killing General Shuwa

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The Boko Haram sect in Maiduguri has denied killing late General Mamman Shuwa in the  embattled state capital .Even the usually pro- government NTA has reported this denial by the sect on its prime times news  programme at 9.00pm.A spokesman of Boko Haram  told journalists by tele-conference that the sect had nothing to do with it.They also denied killing a business associate of a former governor who was killed recently.

Spokesman of the sect , Abu Mohammed Abdulaziz told reporters “people are saying that we have hands in the killing of Major General Shuwa. We don’t have any problem with this elder statesman. He is a responsible person and he has not said anything wrong against Boko Haram sect. This is why I am stating clearly that we have no hands in the killing of this man. The same also applies to the killings of Mustapha Flawama, an associate of Sen. Modu Ali Sheriff; and other politicians and elders recently in the state.”

General Shuwa was killed on Friday .A statement by JTF said four gunmen shot the general and his visitors.He has been buried according to Islamic rites.

Today’s denial  by the sect  is bound to  raise further questions about who is truly doing the bulk of the killings in the state.For now, Shuwa’s killing may rank among some of the unresolved murders of recent times.This is particularly shocking because General Shuwa was a renowned civil war hero,respected by all across the country.
So ,who killed General Shuwa?

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