Boko Haram Attacks:Human Rights Network calls for UN military intervention

Boko Haram(bbc pic)The Human Rights Agenda Network (HRAN) has condemned the mindless massacre of innocent citizens in Borno and Adamawa States by the Boko Haram sect, and the total failure of Nigerian government to arrest the situation.

In a statement , Chino Obiagwu,Chair HRAN and Lanre Suraj.Member steering committee of HRAN called for “military intervention of United Nation (UN) and African Union (AU) in Borno and Adamawa States as it is clear that Nigerian government can no longer contain the situation. HRAN has watched with despair the defensive mechanism of the Federal Government, the selfish approach of the opponent who uses the situation to gain
undue popularity against the incumbent government, and thus believes that time has come for external aid for the sake of the lives of innocent citizens of Nigeria. HRAN hopes that the Federal Government will do the needful by inviting the UN and AU military in to take care
of the situation and that the Office of the Trial Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to speed up investigations into the crime against humanity and genocide in the north east region to immediately indict and arrest those responsible.

The network recalled that “In the last one month, over 300 people have been killed in cold blood, constituting crime against humanity or genocide under Nigeria and
international laws. HRAN recalls with sadness the most recent attack in Bama.. in which 60 people (and still counting) were killed, the zge (Gwoza Local Government Area of Borno State) on Saturday night the 15th of February, which resulted in the death of over 133 people; the attack on a police Station in Banki town of Borno State, on Wednesday the 15th of January 2014; the massacre of over 100 villagers in Gulumba, Kahimri, Zangeri and other villages in Borno State on the 4th of February, to mention but a few. HRAN is alarmed that these scores of attacks result in the killing of Nigerian citizens, especially the vulnerable members of the society- women and children.

“HRAN is aware of the efforts of the Federal Government to curb the menace of the insurgents in the North East of Nigeria, but nevertheless is compelled to say that these efforts have not yielded any fruit, as more lives continue to be lost. HRAN wonders how long the attacks will go on and how many more lives will be lost before tangible efforts that can yield positive fruit is seen. HRAN is worried that impunity begets impunity, thus if this menace is not curtailed, might lead to an unprecedented chaos and anarchy in not only the North East
but Nigeria as a whole.

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