Boko Haram :American University of Nigeria ‘Feels Secure’,Says President

The American University of Nigeria says normal academic and social activities in its Yola Campus are going on as scheduled.

A statement by the University’s President, Professor Margee Ensign, on Thursday said the University is sticking with its scheduled academic timetable and other activities.

Classes are ongoing and exams will go on as scheduled at the end of the Semester. Presently, the University’s alumni are holding their weeklong Homecoming activities in the campus and it has been a full house.

The University feels secure by the assurances it has received from the State Government and the Military High Command, as well as our own internal security and safety measures.

The University is firmly resolved to continue its collaborative partnership with community based organizations under the Adamawa Peacemakers Initiative (API) in providing humanitarian aid to the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) flocking to Yola for shelter; and who are putting up with already overstretched families under challenging conditions.

So far, the American University of Nigeria and the API, with assistance from international donors, have donated relief materials and food aid to over 200,000 families in the past two weeks since the conflict in the Northern parts of Adamawa state escalated.

The assurances came amid reports of growing Boko Haram threat.Mubi the second larges town in Adamawa state was captured last week and the terrorists appear to be in charge there.

Adamawa.Borno and Yobe States are under emergency rule but that has curiously  not stopped Boko Haram from making territorial gains anytime the sect chooses.