Boko Haram :Abati ,in a Deepening Row, Blasts Obasanjo on Twitter

By Danlami Nmodu

A fresh row has blown open between the presidency and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.The former president had in a CNN interview yesterday stopped short of saying President Goodluck Jonathan has not tackled the Boko Haram crisis firmly.Obasanjo said the carrot and stick approach was needed to deal with the Islamic Sect.

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But Obasanjo’s comments appeared to have touched the presidency on its raw nerves as Presidential spokesman ,Reuben Abati used  his twitter handle today to blast Obasanjo in what would otherwise could  be considered unpresidential terms.Abati in one of his tweets said “OBJ’s position on Boko Haram= Contradiction and Confusion writ large.”

Read his tweets below:

Reuben Abati@abati1990 FYI: Jonathan administration has shown creativity & purposefulness in handling the BH challenge. Hence, the progress we witness.

Reuben Abati@abati1990 FYI: One report says OBJ is recommending a multifaceted approach to Boko Haram. This govt certainly doesn’t need a lecture on that!

Reuben Abati@abati1990 FYI: OBJ’s position on Boko Haram= Contradiction and Confusion writ large.

Reuben Abati@abati1990 FYI: In Jan.2013, OBJ tells CNN Govt shd adopt a carrot and stick approach to Boko Haram. Genocide & dialogue? Where exactly does he stand?

Reuben Abati@abati1990  FYI: In Nov. 2012 in Warri, fmr Prez. Obasanjo accused federal govt of being soft on Boko Haram. He recommended the Odi solution: genocide.

Abati’s twitter row with OBJ  may be another point in the growing sources  of friction  between Jonathan’s administration and the former president.It is now an open secret that Jonathan and OBJ are squaring off in a rift over whether or not Jonathan should contest the 2015 presidential election.Insiders say  the incumbent wants to run,OBJ may be opposed to the over. recently reported that Jonathan has been making moves to reconcile with OBJ ,the man who suddenly resigned from his post as Chairman BoT of PDP.The fact that after two BoT meetings ,the party has not been able to produce a new chairman may be a measure of the struggle for power  within.

Before his twitter outbursts today, Abati had said the relationship between OBJ and Jonathan was cordial.It is hard to believe anymore if there is indeed a cordial relationship between the Villa and OBJ henceforth.