Biden, G7 leaders to donate 1bn COVID-19 vaccines

U.S. President Joe Biden, Friday joined leaders the G7 and guest countries to make a commitment providing more than one billion additional vaccine doses for the at G7 summit.

Biden, in a statement from the White House in Washington, DC said 500 million from the one billion doses would come from the United States.

The U.S. president said that the commitment formed the basis a comprehensive set G7+ actions towards ending this global pandemic in 2022.

The G7 countries are a group the ’s seven largest advanced economies namely: the United , Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan and the United States.

“The G7+ action plan that will agreed to by leaders in Cornwall includes vaccinating the ’s most vulnerable.

“Providing supplies, bolstering world-wide economic recovery, and positioning the international community to prepare for, prevent, detect, and respond to future biological catastrophes.

“The United States will lead the G7+ in a global vaccination campaign, providing 500 million safe and effective for the world through COVAX, with delivery starting in August 2021,’’ he said.

The donation, which he announced Thursday is the largest single donation of in history.

It comprises half of the G7+ commitment to provide an additional one billion safe and effective vaccine doses over the next 12 months, especially to the world’s most vulnerable.

In addition, Biden said that the U.S. was taking concrete and tangible steps to meet the ambition of the G7+ and drive action to end this pandemic and prevent the next.

“We call other countries and private sector partners to join us,’’ he said.

According to him, the United States committed to saving lives and ending the now.

“We look forward to the adoption of the G7+ action plan this weekend; we call on other countries and private sector partners this ambition.’’

The G7 summit which started on Friday at Cornwall, UK is expected to end on Sunday.

On the first day, leaders discussed recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, focusing on questions such as COVID-19 vaccine donations and financial aid to build vaccine production sites around the world. (NAN)