Between Sule Lamido, betrayal of trust and friendship

By: Adamu Muhd Usman

“When truth gets out of balance, we can get dangerously to an error” —Leo Toistoy (1828-1910)

Betrayal of trust and friendship is not new in the typical Nigerian politics. Such things are also not new to Sule Lamido and the Aminu Kano School of politics, of which Lamido was variously a student, teacher and now a reference point. Many people have betrayed him in both his public and private lives but Lamido has never bothered and had prospered all the same.

The world has changed, Nigerian politics has changed; people have changed- Sule Lamido must change his style of political accommodation, bestowment of trust and style of mentorship in politics. Some people are feel so entitled and are simply comfortable into believing that Lamido as statesman, political father and iroko must always accommodate them regardless of their betrayal of trust and friendship he –Lamido had bestowed on them.

In today’s Jigawa and Nigeria political environment; there are thousands of young people who share Lamido’s political thoughts, progressive ideas and the style of ‘today’s new thinking for tomorrow survival’. Things have change! New political horizon is inevitable in the Sule Lamido School of politics.
A good student of politics know that Philosophy and politics are intertwined-

God is the creator, the ruler and the Lord of the universe, created man and provided him with temporary station in that part of his kingdom which is known as the earth. God endowed man with the faculties of thinking and understanding and has given him the power to distinguish the right from wrong. Man has also invested with the freedom of will and choice and the power to use the resource of the world in any manner he likes.

These three gifts combined must make man to appreciate a kind gesture done to him, abide with the word of guidance offered to him, notice a protection provided to him, liberation or emancipation rendered to him etc

What makes me to make the above narration was simply the attitudes of some Jigawa politicians who are attached to Sule Lamido especially political office holders and appointees precisely who clinched that positions courtesy of Sule Lamido.

To be candid, Sule Lamido has made world of difference to many people but some betrayed the trust he bestowed on them, showed their ingrate attitude to the gesture simply because they failed to reason and are self-centered. Yes, for their selfish interest, selfish aggrandizement and possession attitude.

It looks fair at this level to say that Sule Lamido’s generosity, patriotism and fair mindedness in his many decades of political engagements have left him more with disloyal disciples than loyal ones.. There is a certain paradox of the extremes with him. He attracts the very extremes of everything. I once heard the Jagora of the Talakawas saying that those who love him do so intensely and so are those who don’t. This unusual self description is most self explanatory when it comes to loyalty within his political family.

Those who chose to betray the statesman are as perfect in their treachery as those who thankfully had remained loyal and committed.

It hurts the most when you trust someone blindly, and that person proves to you that you are indeed blind.

Lamido in his magnanimity had supported many political start ups and inconsequentials to become a governor, ministers, ambassadors, commissioners and key party leaders. He had mobilized his most loyal and reliable political sons to accept political nomads as their leaders for a general good he alone saw and believed in. He had sacrificed both personal comforts and aggrandizement to promote those he believed are the best for his dear people under very unusual circumstances

When someone betrays you, it is certainly every inch a reflection of their character not yours. This perhaps answers the series of questions that I am sure Lamido would have asked himself over and over again in his solitude. Why me? What is it about them? Or is it something inherently treacherous about politics?

We can’t generalise this because Senator Ahmad Bola Tinubu has done that, by fishing out, nurtured, groomed, encouraged, promoted and lifted many to greatness not up to what Lamido did but they did not betray him, they are still with him, they did not demonstrated these kind of attitudes exhibited by Lamido’s beneficiaries.

The right answer is in the mix of everything but not one in particular. There is a certain common streak of a major lack of character and competence among all these betrayers. Tongues had actually wagged among Lamido’s most committed supporters when he announced the choices of certain characters to the house. These are probably people of either unproven loyalty in their previous political lives or of little or no social relevance even to themselves and immediate communities. In fact, a great number can be safely described as carrying conginental character deformities.

I am most inclined to stick to this rather harsh character critique of the betrayers. No apologies. Wani d’an APC yana fad’a min cewa akwai mutumin a dalilin Lamido ya fara shiga gidan bene ya auri baturiya amma yanzu yazo yana zaginsa. How despicable!

But the story of the Lamido political dynasty isn’t all about betrayals. For every disloyal element in the family there are thankfully a handful of committed, reliable, fiercely loyal, tested and trusted subordinates.

These are the Lamido political sons and daughters of proven character, loyalty, social background and good records. What is common to them is that it is the Jagora who took his time to identify them both from within and outside the political circles and groomed them to greatness

These are the Lamido’s political family, known locally, nationally and internationally for their single mindedness, excellence and rabid loyalty to their boss and mentor. They come in different heights, shapes and sizes. The Nasiru Ronis, Dr Aminu Tauras, Mohammed Magos, Dr Nuruddeen Muhammads, Nasiru Sparrows, Dr Babandi Ibrahim Gumels, Prof Ruqayyas, Adamu Muhammad Usmans, Prof Wakilis, Hon Aminu Mohammed Gumels, Amb Daudu Suleimans, Salisu Indirawas, Marutas, Danjanis, Ali Gantsas, Salisu Mamudas, Aminu Aminus, Dr Tafida Abubakars, Hon Yusuf Saleh Dunaris and a host of others too numerous to mention for want of space and time.

For example Dr.. Nurruddeen Muhammad has remained a very grateful, reliable and loyal disciple to his political father and mentor. A lot of people have spoken to me, including those in the opposition, and their opinion is somewhat similar about the young man and his loyalty to his boss.

Many believe that it is his consistent loyalty to Lamido that created a very big character capital for him both at home and with those he worked with in Abuja. Jigawa people have suddenly grown very angry with this pattern of ‘chop and clean mouth’ politics. It is indecent and against the good ettiquates of our great religion and culture to bite the finger that had ever fed you. I am sure our people will be waiting for these hoarde of betrayers at the polls. In Dr. Nurudeen and co one sees everything of Sule Lamido’s dreams and aspirations for our society, people and state.

He has dreamt of a future where the young men and women he has mentored and empowered will impart positively on people’s life by giving back the society. It is a thing of delight and pride that I was listening to SAWABA FM Hadejia while writing this article from Kafin Hausa. I am pleased and comforted that it is another unmistakable mark of Lamido legacy. Therefore despite the betrayals, Lamido is indeed a fulfilled individual and an accomplished person.

Love him or hate him; Lamido means a lot to many common people because he became the source of liberation, inspiration, joy, happiness, protection and guidance and lots more. Lamido’s gesture will never be in vain and from all ratification he is a fulfilled person. He impacted his vast knowledge, experience and wisdom to humanity, he trained, nurtured, groomed, uplifted, promoted the human species. His ideology, principles, achievements and legacies etc would be there for him even after his demise because he wrote his name in gold. History is there to do justice.

We will never support Sule Lamido never to trust any political orphan or ever give shelter to any political nomad or refurbish any abandoned and stranded politician again. He has abundance of all he might need and even beyond when he looks around him. Most importantly, it is his records of selfless political struggles, stellar performance as Jigawa’s best chief executive and his loyalty to his are his greatest assets both in politics and even beyond

The betrayers should think twice on their ingrate attitudes, watch their political journey from onset with Lamido to their present stage and also retrace their political wilderness and try to find their way back to reckoning by embracing the facts and realities of life. A stitch in time saves nine

Adamu is Media aide to Dr. Sule Lamido