Between Buhari, Badaru and Jigawa masses

By Adamu Muhd Usman

“Federal Government has flagged off the distribution of farm inputs as palliatives to the 2018 flood victims in Jigawa.

The Minister of Humanitarian affairs disaster Management and Social development, Sadiya Umar who presented the fertilizer to the state says the palliatives are farm inputs that includes seeds, agrochemicals, sprayers and fertilizers”

“Umar said Jigawa is one of the major food producers in the country, however, frequent flooding have continued to threaten its out and potential”

Nigeria is a country that was blessed with both human and Natural resources. It is a country whereby all its ethnical (tribes) has reputable and remarkable history. A country which has the largest black population in the world with over 200m out of the 700m, the giant of Africa that produces a lot of talents in educational aspect, art, music, sport, literature and even business, which presently Nigeria produces the first wealthy man among the high ranking in the world (Alh. Aliyu Dangote).

But on the contrary with all these attributes and blessings, Nigeria seems or probably became a failure or produces no good result in almost all work of life to its citizens because of some reasons most especially in areas of greediness, selfish and corruption among others.

In one the lectures delivered by late Dan Masanin Kano, Alhaji Maitama Sule where he stated (said) “In Nigeria, there is meaninglessness in philosophy, insecurity in polity, chaos in politics, Corruption in economy, immorality in society, frustration in art and lack of creativity in literature etc”.

My reason for the above analysis was on the move by the FG of releasing some tones of fertilizer to Jigawa state as a palliative to easy some people’s hardship on the effect of flood invasion (disaster) that occur in the last two season” This respect makes me to be devastated because many things were not done on the right way in this country, Nigeria.

This move is long over due. Why will this gesture happen or last till now? This thing happened two years ago but it takes government long to attend to these poor people or prolong till now!

The people lost their valuables like lands, houses, animals, properties, cash and even some lost their loved ones but it is after two years this care and compassion is coming up?

The Government is aware of so many problems facing this country but if it comes to solving it (execution) is not done in the proper way, right time and right purpose. The fertilizers released by the FG to ease the suffering of poor masses in Jigawa State probably only 20 – 30% or less than that can only benefit from, even this percentage to be given out to the poor masses it maybe just a formality.

The Government Officials and recognized high politicians in the state or even from outside the will enjoy the cake, largest share

I am telling you this by experience, because it happened in the previous regime of former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Saminu Turaki on the same cause of drought, flood, locust, quela birds and fertilizer subsidy to poor farmers. If care is not taken, the poor masses will not benefit from the present FG aid.

Life can be frustrating when all efforts produce little or no result, but the mystery of life is that you can win in the same place you have fallen (lose) before.

I am appealing to the present government of Alhaji Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa state to address this issue immediately to assigned God fearing people to handle such cases. “One of the first and legitimate object of good government is to care for its subjects, their lives, happiness and their well being not their use, suffering or destruction”

Truly the heart is normally inclined towards the person who is most compassionate towards it. We hope governor Badaru will emulate his predecessor, Dr. Sule Lamido where Lamido allowed himself and be used as a ladder through which many people were happy and lifted to success and greatness, since he believes that life is a duty and should be lived in the most useful manner. Lamido added value to lives, he helped others to be their best that was why he became the pillar of the society.

O God strengthens our faith, expand living space and bless us in our livelihood, inspire us with good conduct and save us from the evil of our selfishness. O God we ask you to guide us to the doing of good deeds and abstaining from bad deeds and to love for those who are in need. Amen.

Adamu writes from
Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa state
[email protected]