Bello wants strict regulation, enforcement of weights for trucks

The Niger State governor, Alhaji Abubakar Bello, on Sunday in Abuja has called for regulation and strict enforcement of loads weights for trucks and for articulated vehicles.

Bello told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that such regulation was important to prolong the durability of roads and for safety of the citizens.

He suggested that articulated vehicles did not carry more than 30 tons or 35 tons of loads, while fuel tankers should also be restricted to carrying maximum of 33,000 litres of fuel.

“When tankers carry more than 35tons to 40 tons, they become too heavy and even when government constructs a new road, after six months the road will start having dents and potholes.

“Government is spending huge sum of money to construct roads and some people are irresponsibly destroying them and we are not paying attention to it.

“We must enforce regulation of weights otherwise we’ll keep on spending money on our roads that will last only for two years.

“Some fuel tankers carry loads of between 45,000 litres and 60,000 litres and once they enter into a pothole, they fall and ignite fire.

“If two trailers, one carrying 30,000 litres and the other carrying 60,000 litres of fuel get involved in an accident the damage cannot be the same.

“We have had incidents where fuel-laden tankers fall on the roads burning people and houses. We have witnessed that in Suleja, Lapai, Kutugi and Lambata in Niger State, so regulation of the weight of loads must be enforced.’’

This, according to Bello is why Niger State government restricted the movement of trucks and articulated vehicles on certain roads in the state to protect citizens’ live and their property, adding that “very soon we will install weighing bridges,’’

He said while the state needed the services of trucks and tankers, the business should not be done at the expense of everyone, especially the innocent citizens.

On the second wave of COVID-19, Bello advised Nigerians, especially the people of Niger State to be extremely careful, play safe and reduce social activities as they celebrate Christmas and New Year.

“You will not wish anyone to have COVID-19. For some it comes mild, for some it comes heavy and unfortunately for some they did not live to tell their stories.

“COVID-19 is real. I know a lot of people do not believe it, especially in the rural areas,’’ the governor said.

He urged people to obey all safety protocols on COVID-19 and said while Niger State might not order a total lockdown, it might enforce the use of facemasks. (NAN)