Bayelsa: Sylva, Dickson’s clash over ‘fake news’ escalates

Despite  the denial by Bayelsa State  Governor,Seriake Dickson  of any plot to a fake news campaign against ex-Governor Timipre Sylva, the former Governor  has taken  a further swipe at the incumbent.

The  latest ‘clash’ began Wednesday when Sylva accused Dickson of plotting to a fake news campaign  pitting him against some forces in the Presidency. Dickson, however replied saying was too busy to engage in such. also said Sylva was being threatened by his conscience.

Sylva would however not allow the go away yet. Julius Bokoru,media assistant to Sylva said in a statement Thursday: “We have read the feeble denial by Bayelsa State Governor, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson, about his plot to an artificial war between the Presidency and former Bayelsa State Governor and leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Timipre Sylva. Dickson is shocked because the good people of Bayelsa State alerted Sylva. Our Wednesday statement was clear and direct: Dickson seeks to a wedge between Sylva and the Presidency through a fake news campaign  

claimed “We have now foiled that desperate, demonic and criminal plan. We thank the good people of Bayelsa State for standing with Sylva and the APC, for standing for truth and integrity, and for standing against those who think governance is about propaganda and psychological warfare.

“The here is not about Sylva but a campaign of fake news to undermine the Presidency. The purpose for Dickson, of course, is to bolster the faltering fortunes of his party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state and in the country

“Dickson speaks of conscience, but conscience is when you pay civil servants their salaries promptly, conscience is when you don’t a courthouse like a thug, conscience is when you don’t elevate violence to the status of a government policy, conscience is when you don’t impoverish a once thriving people and state, conscience is when you don’t fail abysmally at even basic levels of governance, conscience is when you don’t become a nightmare for those you are supposed to govern and conscience is when you don’t tell low level lies.

“Dickson has no conscience, and that obvious absence of conscience, sadly, comes very naturally to him. has ruled Bayelsa State for almost eight years and is still obsessing over Sylva, is still blaming Sylva for his many monumental failures, he is still blaming Sylva for his inability to comprehend the mathematics of good governance after all these years

“We are glad Dickson has denied he is not going to be involved in this mischief. This is good for the people of Bayelsa State, the polity and the country

“We will now watch and see Dickson will keep to his words and refrain from the planned hatchet job. We know Dickson as a man with an established notoriety for mischief. He is not known to be a man of honour. Nor is he a man of conscience.

“Dickson survives on the politics of blackmail, petty mudslinging, propaganda and fake news. The bright news for the people of Bayelsa State, and Nigeria, is that he has exposed how alien he is to credibility.

Historical Verdict ‘ll Be Hard On Sylva, says Dickson

As the war of words escalated Thursday, Dickson also joined the fray once again,  as he declared that  the verdict of history would be hard on former Governor, Timipre Sylva.

Dickson said that politicians who desecrated the opportunities to serve, to abuse state resources to lure Bayelsa youths to violence would face in the courts of posterity.

The Governor, in a statement by his Special Adviser, Media Relations, Mr. Fidelis Soriwei, stressed that politicians buying guns for Bayelsa youths and fanning the embers òf violence would have their place of rejection on history’s pages of villainy.

Dickson was reacting to a publication in which Sylva alleged of media plot by the governor to pit him against the Chief òf Staff to the President, ABBA Kyari.

The Governor said that it was rather unfortunate that Sylva had descended to level of scavenging for imagined information from the gutters.

He said that while genuine and responsible political leaders respond to real issues, Sylva had continually showed that he is yet to extricate himself from the agony of excruciating rejection by Bayelsa people at the polls.

Soriwei said that Governor Dickson is too occupied with the effective execution of his responsibilities as Governor òf Bayelsa State to devote attention to trivialities especially imagined media reports.

He said that it was the determination of Dickson to finish his administration well and strong insisting the Sylva was one distraction which serious leaders should avoid.

Soriwei said that Sylva’s statement was a product of blackmail inspired by the feared and anticipated consequences of hidden guilt.

He said it was rather sad that Sylva in his desperation to prove his political relevance to his political overlords saw casting aspersions on Dickson as the only route to political relevance.

He said, “Again, we are constrained to react to spurious claims and distractions from Sylva and his cohorts who are bent on misinforming the Nigerian .

“It is indeed unfortunate that Sylva has descended to the level of scavenging for imagined information in the gutters for the purpose of attacking the Governor.

“While it is the standard for genuine leaders and serious members need politicians to respond to real issues, Sylva is yet to recover from bitterness occasion by his excruciating rejection by his own people.

“Now that Sylva knows that a leaked audio is not emanating from Bayelsa, he may try catch some sleep. Dickson has great plans for bayelsa and Sylva is a costly  distraction no leader would  would want to afford.

“The recent invectives from Sylva are a product of Blackmail inspired by consequences of some tormenting sense of guilt. When Sylva talks about conscience, Bayelsans shiver! There couldn’t have been better way to advertise hypocrisy.

“While Sylva is worrying over the imagined consequences of a badly buried corpse, we are mindful to remind him once again that the only thing in hot pursuit of him is his shadow. When he looks back, he shall find no Dickson. The Governor is miles ahead of him.”