Baba Omojola: Tribute To A Peoples’ Hero , By Comrade Taiwo Otitolaye

The Oodua Liberation Movement (OLM) with heavy heart announces the transition of the Chairman of her Board of Trustee, Comrade Baba Omojola. Baba Omojola like all genius and sages lived ahead of his time. The values of men of valour, who gave all their life to mankind especially the oppressed are better appreciated after their passage to a higher realm. Such men come once in a millennium.
For five decades, Baba was a selfless fighter across board; from nationalist independence struggle, apartheid in South Africa, Algeria against France invasion, Yoruba liberation struggle and a democratic Nigeria. Baba per excellence stood for devolution of powers and fiscal federalism in a parliamentary democracy. At this time of our reaction to the transition of the Icon of Yoruba Liberation Struggle, we are short of words to make a tribute. Baba omojola will remain one of the greatest liberation fighters that have walked this physical universe. He is known to be altruists who readily think of others before himself.
Baba fought for all, irrespective of tribe, religion, class or status. His house was a way station for most activists and freedom fighters-all over the world. South Africa, Algeria, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger Delta, North of the Niger, South East, South- South Nigeria. Baba was a rallying point for all, in Yorubaland; above any political figure of this time. Baba abhors primitive accumulation of wealth as most politicians of today are known for. He provided succors for all generations in our struggle.
As a first class product of London School of Economics, he was a compendium of knowledge and wisdom from whom many have tapped. The Visionless, irresponsive and greedy leadership in Nigeria, the likes that Plato, in the Republic described as “drones of class of criminals and malcontents” was afraid to fully employ the asset in him for a better Nigeria.
We direct all OLM formations to open a condolence register in the honour of a hero. Baba was a practical mentor of high integrity, resourceful. An epitome of humility; he walked and conquer where angels dread to tread.
Baba’s last call to me was on the state of the nation; he was concern on the need to sensitizing, conscientizing, mobilizing and organizing the people for true federalism. For time to come, we shall have no replacement for Jagunmolu of the masses.
Our Day Shall Come!
National Coordinator

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