Avoid God’s judgment on Nigeria, Okoye tells leaders

The General Overseer, All Christians Fellowship Mission (ACFM), Rev. William Okoye, on Sunday called on the country’s leaders to do the right things to avoid the judgment of God upon the nation.

Okoye made the call in his sermon at the Cathedral of Compassion, ACFM, , stressing that God is sovereign and just in spite of the evils seeming to triumph in the nation.

”God does whatever He thinks is best in heaven and on earth and no one can question or stops him.

”God rules in the kingdom of men and gives power to who so ever He wills,’’ he said.

According to the cleric, the triumph of evil over good is always temporal and when the judgment of God is upon the earth, the children of men learn righteousness.

Okoye said that God would do whatever  necessary to see that His plans and purpose for Nigeria was fulfilled.

”We have some of us whose selfish agenda is more important than the and development of the country.

”As long as our leaders are committed to their personal agenda, against God’s agenda for the nation that the nation be prosperous and peaceful, there is nothing much we are going to do about it.

“We dealing with people, who do not know the right thing to do, it is the unwillingness to do what is right, and everyone knows what is right.

“But when our own selfish agenda supersedes the agenda of justice, fairness and equity for all, there is nothing much we can do,’’ he said.

Okoye thanked God that in spite of the human lapses in different areas of the country, ”He accepts us in different ways.

“We have refuse to learn lessons we need to learn. We have refused to cooperate with God and cooperate with each other so that the nation would be what it is supposed to be,” he said..

The cleric gave assurance that if leaders refused to do the of God, the judgment of God would come upon the nation and the leaders be forced to do the right thing.

“Let me begin with the herdsmen, all these killer herdsmen all over the place, the simple answer that everybody proffered, which is what is happening all over the world is ranching, in every other places around the world ranching is the answer.

”Nobody is against these herdsmen if they do the right thing, and you do not even blame them much because it is our leaders that should simplify things, they should simply say this is the right way to go and everybody cue in line and follow.

“But when we stubbornly keep on going the same way that we are going, crisis continue,’’ he said.

Okoye also said that lopsided political appointments had also fueled the crisis in the land.

He, however, urged the government to create an enabling environment for the youths to rise.

”We must create a conducive environment for the youths to find jobs, go to school and enjoy governance like some of us enjoyed in the past.

”The old people thinking of the future, else they will create an environment to mentor the younger generation knowing that they will not be here forever.

“We will deliberately create the things that will enable young people that are serious and brilliant to emerge and then groom them to take over.

“But we ready. We want to rule the nation until we rule the nation in our graves,’’ he said.(NAN)