Attack Drones: DHQ disowns Defence News Nigeria

By Chimezie Godfrey

The Defence Headquarters,  Abuja has disowned  a news report on  its  alleged  acquisition of  8 state-of-the-art armed attack drones last week, published by a medium called  Defence News Nigeria.

The Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, Defence Headquarters Abuja, Maj Gen. John Enenche, in a statement on Friday, declared that the Armed Forces of Nigeria is not linked to the said medium.

He said,”The attention of the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has been drawn to a misleading report, authored by the so called ‘Defense News Nigeria’, on the “acquisition of 8 state-of-the-art armed attack drones last week”.

“While the report contains some factual elements, it also contains several inaccuracies as well as faulty analysis on the status of relations between Nigeria and its international allies in the fight against insurgency.

“Ordinarily, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) would not have responded to such report since the individual is a private entity with no links whatsoever to the DHQ or the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN).

“However, for the benefit of the general public and our international partners, it is necessary to reiterate that ‘Defense News Nigeria’ and/or @DefenseNigeria are not official news outlets of the AFN.

“The views expressed in this piece/tweet and others in the blog/Twitter handle are the personal opinions of the writer(s) and do not reflect the position of the AFN or the Federal Government of Nigeria.”

Enenche urged members of the public to disregard the publication, while he advised that they should rather consult the DHQ’s official social media handles.

“Members of the public are therefore advised to treat the publication with caution and to please note the DHQ’s official social media handles given below:

“Website:, Twitter: @DefenceInfoNG and @defencemediaops, Facebook:Defence Headquarters Nigeria and Directorate of Defence Media Operations.

‘Instagram: defencehq and defence_media_operations,” he stated.